Tuesday, March 6, 2018

pretty in pink

It's fun to prance around like a silly sissy, feeling all pretty in cute shoes and pink lingerie without worrying about chastity, butt plugs and sissygasms!


  1. Well that was fast! You must have been soooo eager to get back to exposing your sissy self to all the world!

    But you know you can't go dark for so long without paying a penalty, don't you? It is your obligation as an exhibitionist sissyslut to constantly humiliate yourself on the internet for our amusement, and your recent lapse must not go unpunished...

    You still owe us that red-assed spanking I demanded way back when you were a sissy puppy. You need to IMMEDIATELY post pix of your BRIGHT RED, thoroughly spanked ass, with a fulsome and heartfelt apology for being such a disobedient and disrespectful sissy.

    And if sissygasms and boipussy training are too much for you (damn, you really are pathetic, aren't you!), and you really can only handle "ornamental feminization," well then you will have to deliver on that in spades, my dear. You need to get yourself some MUCH prettier and sluttier lingerie -- fishnet stockings, lacy babydolls, thongs so tight they cramp even your teeny weenie.

    And you MUST start wearing nail polish on your toes. Definitely for every photo shoot you post, and you really should leave them painted 24/7, as a constant reminder that you're a pathetic little sissy. Just like your panties -- you ARE still wearing panties every day, aren't you sissyjoy?

    And one more thing -- if you can't bear to wear your cage because you can't give up having micro-erections with that ridiculous little peanut between your legs, then you should make sure to post more pix displaying your stiff clitty for us to laugh at.

    I remember years ago I made you post a pic of your "erection," and I could hardly believe it was real! So often your limp, shriveled-up pin-prick looks like you cheated by holding an ice pack in your crotch before you snapped the pic to ensure maximum shrinkage. But when you have a stiffy, there's no disguising the fact that that's the biggest it could EVER be, and it's STILL smaller than a Real Man's thumb! HA! It really is so hilarious, you have to show everybody here who hasn't seen it yet.

    Okay, so there's and easy next assignment for you sissyjoy, to prove to me and all your fans that you're serious about humiliating yourself online again: Pix of your silly sissy self naked in your pink heels showing off your bright red, freshly spanked ass, and the hilariously tiny "erection" you will surely get from just thinking about how hard we're all going to laugh at it.

    Get busy, sissyjoy -- you're making up for lost time! ;)

  2. So what's the hold-up with your punishment post, you lazy little sissy?
    It was a very simple assignment that you cold have done in 15 minutes. There's no excuse for this delay, sissyjoy.
    Wait, is the problem that I said you had to show your little baby-carrot stiffy, and you've already become such an emasculated sissy that you can't even get it up anymore?
    If that's the case, that's HILARIOUS! And I'll waive that requirement -- as long as you admit in your post why you were inadequate to fulfill that demand. ;)

    1. As usual you're absolutely spot on in your assessment Mistress. It's so hard to admit, but yes, i am an impotent little pansy and have been for a couple of years now.

  3. Such a lazy, pathetic sissy! You're really no fun anymore sissyjoy.

    I'm so disappointed in you.

  4. Delicia de bunda e cu bela,senta aqui ,ficou bem duro linda....

  5. This suits you well! Lovely.

  6. Great body - mmmh