sissy puppy

Shopping for a slightly bigger butt plug than Ms. Peggy, I ran in to this puppy tail butt plug. It's certainly bigger than Ms. Peggy and feels tight in my ass. It's so humiliating to crawl on all fours, barking and wagging the tail, and feeling the plug move inside my tight little ass.


  1. This is very different from your usual postings, but I like it. I like it a lot.

  2. OMFG, sissyjoy! That certainly is a perverted new kink you've discovered! I never had you pegged (pun intended) as a puppygirl, but I suppose anyone who craves humiliation as much as you do can't help but get turned on by the feeling of being reduced to the truly subhuman role of a pet.

    You look absolutely adorable with your new puppy tail curling out of your smooth, naked, sissy ass! I'll bet you're spending a lot more time now crawling around nude wagging your tail than prancing around in your panties and lingerie -- but that's not a bad thing, sissyjoy. After all, as any fully feminized and trained sissy will tell you, your future will involve lots of time down on all fours taking it doggie style! ;)

    But the BEST thing about your new sissypuppy tail, of course, is that it give you a HANDLE for your buttplug! That will make it soooo much easier for you to poke and massage your sissy g-spot as you diligently seek your sissygasm. You need to start practicing that IMMEDIATELY -- multiple times a day -- every orgasm you have from now on, you must be pressing your prostate with that puppy plug!

    But you know I must point out -- with great displeasure and disappointment -- that these pix clearly show your shriveled raisin of a peenie weenie free of your cage -- no doubt because your new, perverted little buttplug has you so exited you just can't stop diddling yourself. But I KNOW you saw my order to stay in chastity BEFORE you posted this, so it's clear you deliberately disobeyed me -- here on your public blog for all to see. So now you must know that you have to be punished, right here for all to see...

    Here is your punishment assignment, you naughty little sissyslut:

    First of all, LOCK THAT PATHETIC PEANUT UP! In your next post, you WILL be properly caged!

    Second, you will give yourself a serious spanking -- with a belt -- right before you take your next pictures so that your naughty, naked ass is bright red -- not pink -- RED!

    Then you will show us how big your new puppyplug really next to Miss Peggy, so we can all see just how much you're being filled up.

    Next, insert you new plug into your puckered sissypussy, grab the handle, and show us all how you're learning to use it to rub and poke your sissy g-spot.

    And most importantly, when you post all these new pictures, you will fulsomely apologize to your Mistress for disobeying my rightful orders, and the write a nice. long essay on how it feels to play with your sissy g-spot, and how badly you want to learn how to achieve a true sissygasm purely by being fucked in your sissypussy.

    This is a punishment assignment, sissyjoy, so you know you must fulfill it immediately. I don't expect to wait until the weekend for you to comply.


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