Saturday, September 9, 2017

pindick sissy maid


  1. Que cu gostoso,adoraria socar esse pau até o saco,que tesão.....

  2. That puckered little boipussy looks ripe for penetration sissyjoy... how DARE you display your tight little hole without you girlfriend Miss Peggy snugly filling you up! It's almost like you're begging your REAL MAN fans to fill it with the REAL COCK you've already admitted you need.

    You've CLAIMED you're doing your best to achieve your sissygasm with Miss Peggy, but your lack of progress suggests that you're just being a lazy, NAUGHTY sissy and diddling your teeny weeny peenie whenever you want.

    You are supposed to keep your worthless peanut locked up in your cage like a good little sissy, so that you get sooooo horny and frustrated that a few good pokes to your prostate with Miss Peggy can tip you over the edge. You have clearly NOT been keeping your chastity the way you promised.

    You must realize this requires punishment sissyjoy...

    Your punishment (as if this isn't what you've wanted to be pushed into all along) will be to devote your whole lifestyle to reaching your first caged sissygasm.

    Remember sissyjoy, you have already admitted that your shriveled little raisin is useless to anybody else, and it's useful to you only as a clit that makes cumming easier -- TOO EASY for what a sissy like you deserves! You have to accept that your next, inevitable step is to make your worthless peen TOTALLY useless -- even to you -- by making it irrelevant to your cumming.

    You HAVE to learn how to have a proper sissygasm with your clitty locked away. You have to get yourself so horny that you can cum just from Miss Peggy poking your g-spot.

    So first, you will have to COMMIT to keeping yourself caged 24/7 until you achieve sissyagsm. Lock up your teeny bean and stow the key in the trunk of your car -- or even better, hide it someplace away from your home that you have to drive to in order to retrieve it. That way, you can't easily give in to your sissyslut temptations to just unlock your peen whenever you get horny.

    Second, you will spend all your time at home naked or flouncing around in lace and silk. But you will ALWAYS wear heels, and wear stockings most of the time.

    Third, You will FILL your home with mirrors -- at least two in every room -- so that you're constantly seeing yourself prancing around (but admit it sissyjoy, you'll love that part most of all!)

    And finally, whenever you feel that twinge in your caged clitty, instead of unlocking your pathetic peen and diddling yourself, you will lube up Miss Peggy and wiggle her against your little sissy g-spot. If you need to give your caged clitty some attention, you are permitted to thump and flick the cage -- but you are FORBIDDEN to unlock it!

    You will do this until you finally achieve a proper sisssygasm -- and post a pic of your dripping cage here for all to see.

    Do you understand your punishment, sissyjoy?

    Of course, you must understand that, given your recent disobedience, I really can't trust you with a simple "Yes Mistress."

    I need your to reply to this instruction with a fulsome apology for disappointing me, a thorough recitation of what you understand your orders to be, a sincere expression of your gratitude for my dedication to furthering your feminization despite your disobedience and laziness, and a heartfelt pledge to fulfil my instructions as soon as you are able.

    I hope you understand me, sissyjoy. You are seriously trying my patience.

    Mme. Lascivia

  3. Sissy joy looks so yummy,
    all the real men drool and clamour.
    They lust for joy upon her knees,
    her boi-pussy wide and wet to hammer.

  4. Delicia de bunda e cu bela,adoraria lamber todinha e socar essa pica até o saco linda,que tesão gostoso.....estou pelado aqui e ficou empinado de desejo....