Saturday, August 19, 2017

white babydoll - ii


  1. I've been studying your blog. You will have your ninth anniversary of being a public sissy on September 16th. Are you planning something special for this special day? (Too bad your images are available for only two or three years. It would be nice being able to see you in your sissy transition from 2008 through today.)

  2. Now sissyjoy, I should not have to tell you how disappointed I am in your recent behavior. After starting out earlier this year with such an obedient and eager attitude, you have now completely let me down -- and no doubt also the multitude of fans enjoying your humiliating feminization.

    You are clearly resisting the next necessary phase of your sissyfication -- sissygasm training to achieve sexual climax not by diddling your pathetic peanut, but by proper stimulation of your sissy g-spot (prostate) through anal penetration with a toy.

    You have for some reason failed to approve and publish my numerous comments offering detailed and inspiring instructions for you to successfully achieve this next level, and nor have you shown any other indication that you even received, understood or accepted them.

    It's enough to make a Mistress think her sissyslut no longer deserves her attentions...

    1. Sorry Mistress about the comments. I did not realize that some comments were waiting for moderation. I am renewing my attempts to obtaining sissygasm with Ms. Peggy.

    2. So tell us about your progress, sissyjoy! Have you been fucking yourself with Miss Peggy every day? Have you maneuvered her around until you found your sissy g-spot? Tell everyone how it feels to have a hard fake dick filling you up and pressing on your prostate!

      Does it make you feel like a girl? Does it make you fantasize about really being fucked? -- by a Mistress with a strapon, or (gasp!) a Real Man's actual cock?

      If you're still having trouble cumming in your cage, little sissy, you really do need to start shopping for a vibrating toy to poke you g-spot with. It doesn't have to be as big as the one I suggested -- or even all veiny and realistic (which I'm sure intimidates you at least as much as the size, poor gurl), but you do need something to stimulate your siisy g-spot more that what you're using now, if you still can't reach sissygasm after weeks of daily practice with Miss Peggy.

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