Sunday, July 23, 2017

white babydoll


  1. Great look for you Sissyjoy, very hot! You could try some more daring poses, like squatting or bent over at the waist... ;-)
    Love the pink heels!

  2. sissyjoy, it looks like you have completely abandoned your chastity cage! Naughty little slut! Did you forget your most important new assignment?!?

    You're supposed to be working on your caged sissygasm! You should be practicing with Miss Peggy every day, teasing your sissy g-spot (prostate) until you can reach orgasm with only your boipussy, and not touching your locked up peanut.

    Have you even TRIED, sissyjoy? Or have you just been diddling your uncaged teeny weeny ween like a shamelessly horny sissy slut?

    You need to get your little peanut back in your cage, little bitch! And stay in it 24/7 for a week at least! No taking it off when you go to work, or take a shower -- locked up 24/7! -- especially when you're prancing around at home in your frillies getting all horny. And when you feel your wee winkie start to tingle, you are NOT allowed to unlock your cage! You have to get Miss Peggy and start fucking your boipussy, searching for you g-spot, and then rub it deep inside you until you experience the true sissygasm you deserve, you pathetic little sissyslut!

    But honestly sissyjoy, you'll be amazed at how erotically feminizing it feels to cum just from stimulating your g-spot with a buttplug -- and how humiliatingly emasculating it will feel to quiver and shake in ecstasy with your boipussy filled like you're really being fucked, and to see your useless, impotent bean drip pathetically from inside your locked cage.

    I want you to devote yourself to this project, sissyjoy, and keep us all posted on your progress. You must achieve true sissygasm, and show everybody the gooey puddle you make under your cage with Miss Peggy deep inside your sissy ass.

    Do you understand me, sissyjoy?

    I want swift progress on this, or I will have to push you further. Your girlfriend Miss Peggy is pretty, but she's actually and a very small, beginner's buttplug. She may not be capable of filling you up like a real sissy needs and stroking your g-spot enough to get you addicted to sissygasms.

    I may have to make you get a new and even more humiliating toy for this -- a more realistic cock (though mercifully smaller than your ginormous boyfriend, Mr. Cock!) that would feel more like your boipussy was truly being fucked by a real man. And most importantly, one that vibrates! As any real girl (or real sissy) will tell you, nothing teases a g-spot like the vibrating head of a veiny, realistic dildo. (I'm sure many of your fans will happily testify to that in further comments below!)

    Here's one that could strike the right balance between being small enough to fit in your pathetically virginal boipussy, but still big enough to get the job done:

    So there's your assignment, sissyjoy -- do your best to achieve sissygams with Miss Peggy, but if she can't fulfill you (so to speak), then you're going to have to get yourself a brand new vibrating cock and fuck your boipussy until you squeal (and squirt!)

    1. Mistress, I do wear my pink cage, but I don't stay in it long enough. Most often when my wee wee tingles, I end up removing the cage and diddling it.

      I did try to fuck my pussy with Ms. Peggy a few times, but it did not work. Maybe it's not big enough. I am so scared of getting anything bigger though. Ms. Peggy herself fills up my pussy making me feel so full. The dildo you pointed out is so big! I don't think I'll be able to handle it. I'll keep trying with Ms.Peggy for now.

  3. You know how to be a very sexy sissy - and you are definitely a very sexy feminized boy. You know about sexy high-heels, sexy sheer pink baby-doll pajamas. You look lovely in your sheer g-string. I think you look best in your pink Holy Trainer Chastity Cage. I can't imagine how you seem so seldom sexually aroused - no erections. I love gurls like you in stockings and garters to frame your sissy-boy parts, and your beautiful smooth boi-pussy. You appear to be hairless below the neck - a mandatory status for gurls like you. And, that adds to your sissy beauty. You may be a humiliated sissy, and you may love being humiliated. But all that should keep you aroused - and proud.

    This is my first time to your blog. But, I'll be back. I'll be watching you. And, I'll be admiring your feminized beauty.

    1. Cocks and dicks get erect, mine's just a limp, useless, little weewee.