Friday, June 23, 2017


I bought some new sissy lingerie as Ms. Lascivia ordered and this is my favorite:


  1. Very nice, sissyjoy. That's a very slutty outfit. I bet you get awfully horny prancing around in all that lace! ;)

    I have to say that your teeny peeny looks so tiny and shriveled up in those pix! It really looks like you had it in an ice pack before you took those pix with your cage off.

    So, have you tried to achieve a caged sissygasm with Miss Peggy as instructed? Keep trying until you squirt in your little plastic cage, sissyjoy, and then tell us all about it!

    But if you do have more outfits, don't make us wait so long for you're next post. You should be posting much more frequently than you have been, little sissy. Your diligence with your feminization and exposure has been very disappointing!

    And speaking of exposure, what sissyblogs have you submitted this link to, sisyjoy? I was expecting a list. Or did you forget that part of my instructions? You need to let as many fellow sissies and femmboi-fans as possible know that sissyjoy is back and posting her lacy sissy ass and itty bitty clitty all over the internet for the whole world to enjoy! You have to invite them all to follow your feminization and participate in your public humiliation. Beg them to reblog your nasty pix and post comments here about your fuckable ass and pathetic little bean of a peen.

    You went dark for far too long, sissyjoy, and now you must do penance -- by broadcasting your return to exhibitionist feminization and maximizing your future exposure!

    Do you understand me, sissyjoy?

    1. I've submitted the link to the following blogs Mistress:

  2. Very nice outfit that screams out slut. you deserve more exposure dear!