Sunday, May 14, 2017

exposed at the office

It was a typical day at the office. I was wearing my clitty cage and my pink panties under my regular khaki pants. As usual, I timed my morning bathroom break when most folks at the office typically are away at lunch. I went to my usual stall furthest away from the door and sat down to pee. As I cleaned myself and was about to pull my panties up, the stall door swung open. It was Dwane, the Janitor.

It was so unexpected that I froze. 'I am so sorry' he said, and closed the door. Just a few seconds later, as I was trying to recover back, the door swung open again. This time Dwane wasn't apologetic, he was smiling. 'Pretty panties'. 'And, pretty pink penis', he said, staring at the pink chastity cage covering my little peanut. 'I don't suppose you want to anybody here to know about this, do you?" he asked. 'No', I managed to squeak as I pulled up my panties. 'That would be "no, sir"'. 'No, Sir', I repeated quivering with shame. 'Let's talk about this later this evening, sissy boy. Come back in here at 6:30 in the evening. Everyone else should be gone by then.'. 'Yes, Sir', I mumbled and left the stall. As I walked back to my desk, I was shaking and wondering what I have gotten myself in to.

The rest of the afternoon crawled by as I waited for the clock to hit 6:30. By 5:00 most people had left and by the 6:00 the office was empty. As I nervously entered the bathroom at 6:30, Dwane was already there. 'Take your clothes off, fag boy', he ordered as soon as he saw me. 'Please..please, let me go..', I stammered. 'Take your clothes off, faggot', he ordered as he slapped me with this rough, callused hands. 'Please...Sir', I begged as he slapped my other cheek, 'Now!'. With tears streaming down my cheeks both from the pain and the humiliation, I stripped off my clothes. As I stood there squirming in my panties, he said 'Take those panties off too, faggot. And, get down on your knees.'.

I knelt down on the cold floor feeling utterly degraded in just my pink clitty cage. 'Put your head down to the floor, your ass up and beg', he said. Maybe, he would let me off with just this humiliation, I hoped. I put my forehead to the floor and raised my ass up as high as possible. I could feel the cool air against my boipussy. 'Please Sir, please let me go. Please Sir, please show mercy on this sissy. I'll be good boy for you master. Please, I don't want anybody know that I am a sissy. Please Sir.. Can I please get dressed and leave, Sir?', I pleaded as I groveled on the bathroom floor. He was laughing as he walked around me. 'Nice ass, faggot', he said as he spanked my sissy ass. 'Ouch', I yelped and reached my hands behind to rub my ass. 'Put your hands behind your head, sissy!', he growled. 'Yes, Sir!', I immediately obeyed as he gave my ass six more hard slaps. I could feel the hot sting spread across my ass cheeks and could feel it turning red. 'Please Sir, please stop. I'll do anything you ask.', I sobbed.

'I know, you will, faggot', he said as he stopped spanking my ass. He came around to stand in front of me and ordered me up on my knees. 'Pull my boxers off, cocksucker.', he said as he unzipped his jeans and let them drop to his ankles. I could see his cock straining against his boxers.

This wasn't quite the fantasy I had been dreaming of when sucking on Mr. Cock at home. This was a real man - as in an average, old, black man. He was average looking, not particularly handsome or ugly. He was old, close to sixty, or maybe more. He was big and fat with a big, hairy belly. As I crawled closer and pulled down his boxers, his strong, masculine, sweaty, musky scent hit me strongly. I had been only used to the plastic, silicone scent of Mr. Cock and was shocked to smell the sweaty, hairy pubes of this real man. His cock stood up hard from his hairy balls fully erect. It was way bigger than my little peanut for sure, but was just an average sized cock, not as big as Mr. Cock. Despite my shame, I felt a little disappointed that the first real cock I am about to suck was just an average cock.

'Go on, lick me', he said. I hesitated, only for him to grab my hair and pull my head to his crotch. He pulled my head in to his crotch and rubbed his cock and balls all over my face. The strong musky smell of his crotch was all I could breathe. My face felt sticky with sweat. 'Stick your tongue out, faggot!' he slapped my face with his cock. As I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, he rubbed his hard cock up and down against my tongue. Pretty soon, his cock was wet with my saliva. 'That's good, faggot' he moaned. 'Lick my balls', he ordered and I obeyed as if in a trance. I licked his sweaty, hairy balls all over until it was soaking wet.

He pinched my nose shut and as I opened up my mouth to breathe, he pushed his cock head in to my open mouth. I could taste his salty precum. As I sucked the head of his penis, he moaned. 'That's it faggot! Such a good cocksucker. Keep sucking, faggot!', he was steadily pushing his cock and in and out of my mouth. With each thrust, he was getting deeper and deeper in to my mouth. Soon, his balls were hitting my chin with each thrust. I gagged a little, but kept up the sucking. All those hours of sucking Mr. Cock helped. Since his cock was smaller than Mr. Cock, I was able to handle it. He kept fucking my face grunting and moaning. Suddenly, he pulled out. With a grunt, he ejaculated powerfully all over my face. The first burst was sudden and unexpected. I tried to pull back. But, he held my face up with a tight grip. I could feel his thick, hot, sticky cum on my face. As he kept spurting, some of the cum started dripping down my face. He let go of face and rubbed his cock clean against my cheeks. The strong stench of masculine cum filled up my nostrils.

He threw my panties at me. 'Clean up, cocksucker. You did good'. I wiped my face with my panties. There was so much cum that the panties got soaking wet and sticky. My face still felt sticky and unclean. 'Wear your panties, faggot', he ordered. I pulled up the wet panties around my crotch. My ass and balls became wet and sticky with his cum. I put my head down in shame. 'Clean up the bathroom, bitch. When you are done, you can wear your clothes back and leave.'. 'Thank you, Sir', I whimpered as he left.

As I looked for the mop, I noticed that my little peanut was struggling to get hard against my chastity cage. As humiliated and degraded I was, my clitty was throbbing. Sobbing in shame, I cleaned up the bathroom quickly, put my clothes back on and left for home.


  1. sissyjoy, I'm SOOOO proud of you! (patting your smooth, naked butt)

    That was a very hot and humiliating exposure story you posted -- and for everyone to see! I'm glad that you finally gave into your humiliation addiction and reopened your blog to the public (it was accessible only to me for far too long sissyjoy! you need to share your humiliating feminization with EVERYBODY!)

    Now that you have your courage back, I want you to get some more sexy sissywear, and post a nasty new photo shoot (ending, of course, with you naked in only your tiny clitty cage!), and then publicize it by submitting it to other sissy sites on BlogSpot and Tumblr, begging them to post the link on their sites so you can let every sissy fan out there that you're back and eager to expose yourself for their amusement!

    In fact, you should invite requests and commands from anyone kind enough to visit your resurrected blog, and endeavor to fulfill them to ingratiate yourself and gather a new fanbase, since you so shamefully shut out all your other loyal fans so heartlessly for so long. You have a lot of sissy humiliation to make up for, sissyjoy! you had better get started! ;)

  2. I just had a wonderful idea for you sissyjoy!

    Have you ever experienced a true sissygasm? And I don't mean just diddling your teeny peenie while you're wearing panties and heels. I mean the only kind of orgasm that a pathetic little sissy like you really deserves.

    I mean an orgasm you get not from playing with that ridiculous excuse for a prick between your legs, but from penetrating that puckering boipussy between your cheeks.

    This is your next sissification task, sweetie! You have to work on reaching orgasm with your clitty in a cage and Miss Peggy up your sissy ass. Wiggle your buttplug around until you find that tiny prostate of yours (a sissy's g-spot) and rub it hard until you feel that tiny peanut tingle inside its cage. Keep fucking yourself and poking your g-spot until you cum inside your pretty pink cage, without your little bean able to even get hard. You have permission to tickle that sad little raisin of a nutsack if that helps, but under NO circumstances are you allowed to unlock your clitty until it has squirted inside your cage.

    And while you practice, you should be watching lots of nasty sissy-fucking videos, imagining that you're not just some lonely, pathetic tranny faggot masturbating with a buttplug -- but a real sissygurl who is fully feminized and emasculated, being fucked with a real cock, by a real man.

    Of course, once you're finally able to experience a true sissygasm, you will need to post photographic proof that you can cum in your cage purely from anal penetration. Accompanied, obviously, by a full description of the nasty little fantasy of getting fucked by a real man that you were playing in your head when you came.

    Get busy sissyjoy!

  3. This is a lovely little story and nicely written sissyjoy. I feel like the janitor might have said something like 'I'll see you again tomorrow faggot.' or similar, leaving a little cliff-hanger.

    I seem to say this every time but, you look stunning in your little photo-set!