Sunday, March 19, 2017

sissy exposure

Recently, my cousin and her friend spent a night at my place. It was a rather sudden visit with just an hour of notice. I frantically put my sissy stuff away and got the guest room ready for them. The night was rather uneventful. The next morning though, as I was making coffee, my cousin's friend asked if she could use the computer to check her emails - her phone had died and I didn't have a iPhone charger being an Android user. I immediately panicked - I wasn't sure if I had cleared up all history on the browser and I wasn't even sure if I had closed all my sissy porn windows! In my panicked state I couldn't even come up with any excuses to keep her away from the computer. Instead, I found myself saying 'sure' and walking towards the computer with her following me. As I pulled up the chair to the computer desk, sat down and stared at the login screen, I wondered how to get out of this predicament. I deliberately typed in the wrong password a couple of times before telling her 'I am not sure what's going on, maybe I should reboot'. With that, without waiting for her to respond, I restarted the computer and told her that it's going to take a few minutes and asked if she wanted want to get some coffee or breakfast. As she said she's going to make some coffee for herself, I breathed a sigh of relief. After the computer started up, I cleaned up the history on the browser, opened a new browser window and then called out that the computer is ready for her use.

After my guests left, I was still so shaken about coming close to being exposed as a sissy. I got so scared and shaken that I ended up making the blog private. Now, a few weeks after that episode, when I think about that, I feel a little excited about how I came close to being exposed as a sissy. I wonder how she would've reacted if indeed the browser opened up with my sissy blog. Now, I feel excited when I think about how humiliating it would've been to get exposed as a sissy slut with a tiny weewee.


  1. Good girl, sissyjoy (pats your bare ass and slides a finger up your puckering butt) I am quite pleased with your post (though it DID take you way too long to obey!) That certainly does sound like a scary (but in retrospect exciting) situation to find yourself in.

    I'm glad that now you can admit that it did give you a blushing thrill, looking back, to be so nearly revealed as a peanut-pricked sissy to someone who could expose your secret to so many people you know.

    from now on, whenever you do let your pathetic little bean out of its big, roomy cage (no more than once a week, unless you post new sissy pix more often than that!) I want you to diddle yourself exclusively with fantasies of exposure -- to your cousin, your neighbors, your coworkers, your friends. Come up with all sorts of scenarios where your true sissy nature, your exhibitionist perversions, your transvestite fetish, and your ridiculous micro-penis are totally and irrevocably exposed, especially in ways that give others the power to humiliate, blackmail, and control you for their amusement.

    Let the shame and humiliation of exposure wash over you as you feel the thrill and you near your climax. Feel the fear of further taunting and exposure as you imagine how they will use this secret against you to push you into even more erotically humiliating predicaments. And don't let yourself enjoy your sissygasm until you completely accept and embrace the thrill of finally losing control of your shameful secret, once and for all.

    And I want you to journal about all of these humiliating fantasies, in excruciating detail, right here on this blog.

    Do you understand me, sissyjoy? (and don't keep me waiting too long for your reply!)

  2. Ahem! Still waiting for the first episode of sissyjoy's fantasy exposure chronicles...

    How about something nasty, like a male coworker catching a glimpse of your pink clitty cage in the men's room at work, and making your strip to your sissy panties and suck his cock in a stall as the price to keep your humiliating secret?

    But of course that would just be a downpayment! Surely keeping him quiet would require you obediently draining his dick on demand from then on, right sissyjoy? Think about how scary and embarrassing it would be having to meekly follow him into the men's room to slurp his shaft every day, hoping nobody notices.

    And would it even stop there, now that he has total control of your secret? How long before he started sneaking you into the conference room to make you get down on your knees and suck him off in nothing but your sissy panties?

    And eventually, there would almost certainly come a moment after you're gotten his cock all rock-hard and slobbery, when he orders you to stand up, pull down your panties and bend over the conference table...

    Would you be in any position to say No? Of course not! You'd just have to obediently spread you cheeks, take his hard, manly cock up your tight boipussy, and try to keep your whimpers and sissy moans as quiet as possible. Imagine how sexy-scary it would be to find yourself bent over a conference table in your office, naked except for your pink clitty cage, getting fucked in the ass by a coworker while you stare as the door, heart pounding, praying nobody walks in.

    Think you can diddle yourself to that little scenario sissyjoy?

  3. I'm starting to lose faith in you, sissyjoy. Don't disappoint me.

    You need to continue your sissy training, even if you're not yet ready to make your sissyblog public again.

  4. Honestly, not loving the new page theme, sissyjoy.

    Loving less? Disobedience.

  5. Those computer sissy scares are the worst! i was afraid it powered up, and replaced all the old browser tabs you had up before!
    Cute outfit, ~sara