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sissy exposure

Recently, my cousin and her friend spent a night at my place. It was a rather sudden visit with just an hour of notice. I frantically put my sissy stuff away and got the guest room ready for them. The night was rather uneventful. The next morning though, as I was making coffee, my cousin's friend asked if she could use the computer to check her emails - her phone had died and I didn't have a iPhone charger being an Android user. I immediately panicked - I wasn't sure if I had cleared up all history on the browser and I wasn't even sure if I had closed all my sissy porn windows! In my panicked state I couldn't even come up with any excuses to keep her away from the computer. Instead, I found myself saying 'sure' and walking towards the computer with her following me. As I pulled up the chair to the computer desk, sat down and stared at the login screen, I wondered how to get out of this predicament. I deliberately typed in the wrong password a couple of time…