Thursday, January 5, 2017

happy new year

Thank you so much for granting me permission to get out of chastity on new year eve Mistress. I immediately let my little peanut out of the cage. Initially, my weewee was all scared and shrunk and confused about being let out, but eventually after some diddling it came back to life. I dressed up in my little black dress to celebrate the new year and gave myself a sissygasm. Looking forward to more humiliations and sissification in 2017!


  1. buon anno nuovo anche a te splendida sexy creatura spero ti porti tanto amore...sei bellissima anche vestita di nulla...tutta nuda sei una perfetta modella sissy ben fatta dalle forme erotiche ti basta indossare il tuo fiocco rosso o rosa per essere ammirata ed amata...sei fascino e bellezza pura come un fiore di campo delicato e profumatissimo !!! baci baci baci

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed wanking your little winkie, sissyjoy. But now get back in your cage you sissy slut!

  3. Oh sissyjoy, this is so cute! Just you and me on your super slutty sissy blog!

    I want you to do a brand new post just for me! Put on your sexiest lingerie and pose for some pix, stripping slowly until you're wearing nothing but your cage, your clitty ribbon and your heels (with your girlfriend peggy firmly in place, of course!)

    Only then you can unlock your cage and diddle for a sissygasm -- but ONLY if you top your post with a long confessional about how it felt to almost be truly EXPOSED as a sissy, but how you're such a sissyslut that you still have to show yourself off for the sissy you know you are.

    And when you diddle, you HAVE to be thinking about being truly exposed as a sissy to people you know, and you must admit to yourself that, as terrifying as it is, at least a fantasy, it DOES turn you on.