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exposed at the office

It was a typical day at the office. I was wearing my clitty cage and my pink panties under my regular khaki pants. As usual, I timed my morning bathroom break when most folks at the office typically are away at lunch. I went to my usual stall furthest away from the door and sat down to pee. As I cleaned myself and was about to pull my panties up, the stall door swung open. It was Dwane, the Janitor.

It was so unexpected that I froze. 'I am so sorry' he said, and closed the door. Just a few seconds later, as I was trying to recover back, the door swung open again. This time Dwane wasn't apologetic, he was smiling. 'Pretty panties'. 'And, pretty pink penis', he said, staring at the pink chastity cage covering my little peanut. 'I don't suppose you want to anybody here to know about this, do you?" he asked. 'No', I managed to squeak as I pulled up my panties. 'That would be "no, sir"'. 'No, Sir', I repeated quiver…

sissy exposure

Recently, my cousin and her friend spent a night at my place. It was a rather sudden visit with just an hour of notice. I frantically put my sissy stuff away and got the guest room ready for them. The night was rather uneventful. The next morning though, as I was making coffee, my cousin's friend asked if she could use the computer to check her emails - her phone had died and I didn't have a iPhone charger being an Android user. I immediately panicked - I wasn't sure if I had cleared up all history on the browser and I wasn't even sure if I had closed all my sissy porn windows! In my panicked state I couldn't even come up with any excuses to keep her away from the computer. Instead, I found myself saying 'sure' and walking towards the computer with her following me. As I pulled up the chair to the computer desk, sat down and stared at the login screen, I wondered how to get out of this predicament. I deliberately typed in the wrong password a couple of time…

happy new year

Thank you so much for granting me permission to get out of chastity on new year eve Mistress. I immediately let my little peanut out of the cage. Initially, my weewee was all scared and shrunk and confused about being let out, but eventually after some diddling it came back to life. I dressed up in my little black dress to celebrate the new year and gave myself a sissygasm. Looking forward to more humiliations and sissification in 2017!