Thursday, November 24, 2016

stuffed for thanksgiving

i am thankful for my tiny little peanut that reminds me everyday that i am just a sissy.
i am thankful for my pretty pink ribbon that i wear with pride almost all the time.
i am thankful for my pink high heels which i practice walking with every week.
i am thankful for my boyfriend Mr. Cock who trains me to be good little cocksucker.
i am thankful for my girlfriend Ms. Peggy who gives me a proper stuffing, not just for thanksgiving.
i am thankful for this blog to exhibit my humiliation.
i am thankful for useless peepee for turning limp and impotent day by day.
i am thankful to Ms. Lascivia for all the attention and instructions.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. ...e noi amore siamo grate a te perchè ti mostri in tutta la tua splendida bellezza femminile così meravigliosa...sei bellisima un amore di ragazza ben fatta e sexy splendida nelle pose e sui tacchi erotici !!! baci baci baci e...grazie amore !!

  2. Although i'm a sissy, i'd stuff you on the Thanksgiving table as punishment for dressing yourself like this! ~s

  3. Hey everybody, don't you all agree that sissyjoy's little clitty would look great locked up in a cage? ;)