sissy baker

I've been laid off at work and have been searching for a new job. As I search for a new job, I wonder if it's time to change careers. Maybe I should get a loan and start some small business of my own...
Something I might enjoy doing as a sissy... Maybe my own little cupcake bakery... 


  1. ohh tesoro bella come pasticcera sei...dolcissima...un vero babà napoletano...scommetto che sei esperta di...cannoli ammirarti così ti potrei paragonare ad una splendida bignè che va riempita di tanta calda abbondante saporita deliziosa...crema pasticcera...!! mia bellissima stupenda creatura dalla magnifica pelle creola sei una affascinante giovane bellezza, una bella modella dalle forme femminili...una top-model...baci baci baci !! ti adoro bella fragolina moscia dal culo splendido e le gambe accattivanti e sexy !!

  2. Will Mistress Lascivia take another sissy? Where can I contact her?

    1. HA! Well, you'll have to start a blog and post lots of shamelessly sissified photos of yourself, like my little sweetie sissyjoy did! If you can match her exhibitionist emasculation, then I might take an interest... ;)

    2. Well,since i post photos with my face on it and they are all over the web may be if you can give me a an email address i may be able to send address of my website.

  3. I think Ms. Lascivia is probably a sissyjoy's alter-ego.

  4. If you baked cakes in that outfit id buy a cake everyday


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