Saturday, September 17, 2016

crotchless panties

I've never posted pictures of the silly little nub of my penis head before as it is even more ridiculous than my foreskin covered tiny peanut. Maybe coloring it in cocksucker red lipstick makes the tiny button look less ridiculous?


  1. mia bellissima longilinea ragazza bella tu non sei mai ridicola una femmina così ben fatta e femminile...!! quel dolce piccola fragola ti fa ancor più attraente e meravigliosa una sexy bambola magnifica tutta da amare...sei in splendida forma una top-model...!! baci baci baci bella pulederina !!!

  2. "Cocksucker red lipstick" hmmm? So does this mean you went out and got some lipstick and makeup to start painting your sissy face at home like I told you to? ;)

    1. Good little sissy [pats you on your smooth, bare butt].

      Now I want you to be sure put on your makeup at least once a day, and practice making sexy and coquettish faces in the mirror. And don't expect to get it right all on your own -- there are LOTS of great "transformation" videos on YouTube to show you how it's done.

      Put in enough effort learning your makeup and we'll have you passing in no time! ;)

  3. Oh my gosh. I'd be so embarrassed with a little red button like that between my legs. You poor thing, although I must admit it looks quiet cute.