Saturday, July 16, 2016

pretty pink high heels

Yay, my pretty pink high heels arrived in the mail yesterday!

Expecting the delivery I was excited all through yesterday. As soon as I woke up in the morning, butt naked with a tiny stiffie, I checked to see where the package was. When I saw that the package was 'out for delivery', I thought of how funny it would be if the door bell rang just then and I rushed out of excitement and opened the door without realizing that I was bare ass naked. The big, strong, hunky delivery guy would first be shocked and then start laughing at my small, smooth, hairless, girlie body and my silly little baby peepee. I would blush like a silly bimbo and cover my face with my hands. He would laugh even harder and I would turn around trying to hide. He would leave the package down, shake his head while calling me a faggot and maybe even give my exposed ass a tight spank. I giggled for being such a silly sissy and got ready to work.

At work, I kept checking every few minutes to see if the package was delivered yet. Finally, when I saw that the package was delivered at around 3 PM, I immediately left work early feigning a headache. With my heart pounding hard with excitement, I rushed back home and tore open the package to find my pretty pink heels. Before trying it on, I took a nice long bath and shaved by whole body hairless. I applied some soothing cool lotion afterward and felt very pretty and girlie. I then tied a pretty bow around my peanut with my pink ribbon. Finally, feeling ready, I wore the high heels. With a 6" heel, this is the tallest pair of heels I've ever worn. I felt so girlie and sexy with the heels on, but as soon as I tried walking in them, I felt like a silly pansy struggling to maintain my balance. I pranced around the whole house with a joyous grin stuck in my face.

I feel so happy to be back in heels where I belong and to be sharing my silly sissy poses with the whole world. My little weewee needs to be exposed and laughed at.


  1. amore sui tacchi rosa sei splendida mamma mia che bella femmina...elegantemente sexy col fiocco sul tuo piccolo clitoride...sei una meravigliosa creatura tutta liscia e depilata dalle pose da modella...una figa femminiccia tutta da baciare dalla testa ai piedi magra e sensuale...sei dolce molto molto carina senza fronzoli tutta nuda...complimenti vivissimi !! baci baci quarta posa mostra tutta la tua femminilità !!

  2. Oh little sissy! you look so delightful in you new heels! I hope you're wearing them around the house every day so you can learn how to prance and strut and dance in them.

    Your pose in Pic #4 is especially cute and girly -- that's the look you should be going for in your shots. And you should try taking some shots out yourself walking in them (both towards and away from the camera).

    And I'm very pleased to see how much thought and effort you're putting into your posts now. Your little fantasy about the UPS guy is classic sissyporn.

    I'm sure he definitely would smack your sissy ass if you came to the door bare-ass naked like that. And seeing how girly and sexy your smooth feminine body looks naked, he would probably do more than that. What would you have done if he had closed the door and unzipped his pants, sissyjoy?
    (and remember, there are no rhetorical questions!)

    That ribbon makes your teeny beanie look sooo ridiculous, btw. I LOVE IT!! Ha! You now have to wear a little sissy bow on your clitty ALL the time -- even under your panties at work! You'll need to have ribbons to match every new sissy outfit you get.

    Speaking of your new sissywear, what else have you ordered? What can we look forward to seeing you in next, sissyjoy?

    I can't wait for your next post! ;)

    Mme. Lascivia

  3. Sissy your so cute in your heels and your body so girly and smooth