Saturday, July 30, 2016

ruffled pink booty shorts and a sissy threesome

As much as I like to expose my little sissy peanut, these pink booty shorts with ruffles all over is one of my favorite sissy clothing to wear. These are so cute and absolutely comfortable. I typically like to wear these ruffle shorts on weekends when I am doing my chores - cleaning, cooking, laundry - around the house.

This time was a little different though as my girlfriend was with me. Yep, Ms. Peggy was all lubed up and plugged in! Walking around while feeling stretched and plugged the whole time, made me feel so much more soft, feminine and submissive. I didn't even feel my little clitty between my legs as it stayed soft, limp and out of mind.

With me spending so much time with Ms. Peggy, my boyfriend Mr. Cock got jealous. He was like 'get your sissy ass over here, you pansy'. 'Get down on your fucking knees and worship me faggot. Show me how grateful you are for having me as your boyfriend'. I crawled on all fours to Mr. Cock and worshiped him. I licked and suckled his balls with this big cock thrashing against my face. I sucked and nursed his cock making it all wet. As I slobbered all over his cock with Ms. Peggy nice and tight in my butt, I realized that it was my first sissy threesome! As I kept sucking and moaning, my little peanut starting dripping precum. It only took a couple of minutes of diddling to make it squirt. As I lay panting in the aftermath of my sissygasm, I realized that I was at peace with who I was - a sissy faggot.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

pretty pink high heels

Yay, my pretty pink high heels arrived in the mail yesterday!

Expecting the delivery I was excited all through yesterday. As soon as I woke up in the morning, butt naked with a tiny stiffie, I checked to see where the package was. When I saw that the package was 'out for delivery', I thought of how funny it would be if the door bell rang just then and I rushed out of excitement and opened the door without realizing that I was bare ass naked. The big, strong, hunky delivery guy would first be shocked and then start laughing at my small, smooth, hairless, girlie body and my silly little baby peepee. I would blush like a silly bimbo and cover my face with my hands. He would laugh even harder and I would turn around trying to hide. He would leave the package down, shake his head while calling me a faggot and maybe even give my exposed ass a tight spank. I giggled for being such a silly sissy and got ready to work.

At work, I kept checking every few minutes to see if the package was delivered yet. Finally, when I saw that the package was delivered at around 3 PM, I immediately left work early feigning a headache. With my heart pounding hard with excitement, I rushed back home and tore open the package to find my pretty pink heels. Before trying it on, I took a nice long bath and shaved by whole body hairless. I applied some soothing cool lotion afterward and felt very pretty and girlie. I then tied a pretty bow around my peanut with my pink ribbon. Finally, feeling ready, I wore the high heels. With a 6" heel, this is the tallest pair of heels I've ever worn. I felt so girlie and sexy with the heels on, but as soon as I tried walking in them, I felt like a silly pansy struggling to maintain my balance. I pranced around the whole house with a joyous grin stuck in my face.

I feel so happy to be back in heels where I belong and to be sharing my silly sissy poses with the whole world. My little weewee needs to be exposed and laughed at.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Introducing Ms. Peggy

In July 2012, I introduced my boyfriend Mr. Cock to this blog. Now, exactly four years later, it's time to introduce my new girlfriend - Ms. Peggy.

It all started last year with Mistress Lascivia's encouragement to poke a finger up my butt. I tried poking my finger up my hole in the shower a few times, but never got more than the tip in. I couldn't get over feeling dirty down there. One day I thought it might be easier to get over the dirty feeling if instead of my finger I used something else. I searched online and picked out a small pink butt plug.

After I got the plug, I opened the package and was surprised by its size. Even though it was the smallest plug I could find, it was bigger than my finger. A little nervous but excited, I read online the instructions on inserting the butt plug. I spread a towel in the bathroom, lubed the plug and got ready. I got down on all fours, put my face down to the floor, ass all the way up and gently poked the plug in. My butt shut tight and didn't budge beyond an inch. After struggling for more than a few minutes, I gave up.

After resting for a few minutes, I decided to give it another shot. This time, I lay down on my back, bent my knees and lifted my legs up and wide. I couldn't help but notice how obscene my pose was and a sense of utter shame washed through me. That made my peanut get excited and drip precum. I once again lubed the plug, lubed my hole and started again. Slowly but steadily, I pushed the plug in, pausing frequently. Finally, after struggling for close to 30 minutes, I sensed my butt pulling the plug in as soon as I got the widest part in. And just like that I had lost my anal virginity to a toy. As the plug sat tight, I felt full and a little stretched. I felt proud that I persisted and didn't give up. With my legs still up, I noticed that my raisins had shrunk and my little nub was all shriveled. As excited as I was, my peanut was utterly limp, lifeless and useless. It looked absolutely ridiculous.

I spent the next hour plugged. I wore my heels and pranced around. I setup my camera and took some pictures. I diddled my little weewee and made some silly little squirties.

After squirting, I wanted to get the plug out. As I tried to pull it out, my greedy little butt didn't budge. It was holding on to the plug tightly and didn't let go. Having made squirties, I didn't want the plug in. I wanted it out immediately. The harder I pulled though, the tighter my butt held on. I started panicking and wondering if I had to get help. I thought about getting to the ER with the plug lodged in my butt and worried about being exposed as a sissy bitch to everyone. Fortunately, after multiple tries, I managed to calm myself down and slowly pulled the plug out. 

After getting it out, a sense of relief and an overwhelming sense of shame took over. I cried for being such a sissy faggot and in that moment of utter shame decided to throw all my sissy stuff away. I dumped all my sissy clothes and shoes in trash. I gathered Mr. Cock and the butt plug and threw them away. I gathered my hair removal items and trashed them away as well. After clearing away all my sissy possessions, I drove down to Target and bought some boxers. I shut the blog down and vowed that I'll never be a sissy again.

That didn't last long though. A few miserable months later, I went back and bought some panties. I also bought a new Mr. Cock. Even after reverting back to my sissy ways, I thought I would just keep my sissy life secret and not revive the blog. But, Mistress Lascivia has made me realize that no matter how shy and ashamed I might feel, I need to continue posting and sharing my humiliating sissy lifestyle with the world. Following her instructions, I just got a new pink butt plug. She's my girlfriend and Mistress Lascivia has named her Ms. Peggy.