Thursday, March 10, 2016

sissy bitch


  1. Oh you slutty little sissy! I knew you would have to submit to your exhibitionist desires and start posting perverted pix of your teeny peeny again for all the world to see! HA! You just can't resist showing everyone how freakishly tiny your little micro-pee is, can you, sissyjoy?

    I'm so glad you've accepted your true nature -- not just as a sissy, but as a perverted, exhibitionist sissy SLUT! Just dressing up at home isn't enough for you, sissyjoy. You need to show the whole WORLD what a slutty sissy you are! And now you admit it. Good girl! You get a pat on your bare ass for that. ;)

    And I think it's soooo hilarious that you seem to have given up on even the pretense of panties in most of the pix you post. Sure you wear panties around the house (you're a peanut-pricked sissy, so what else can you do?), but that's just to remind you that your little bean is so insignificant that you don't deserve to wear underwear with room for a real cock.

    But when you pose for your naughty pix, to show off to the world what a pathetically emasculated little sissy you are, you know that it's not about the panties, and it's not even about the sexy fishnet stockings or high heels -- you just wear those to embrace your sissiness. You know that this is all about that eentsy-weentsy ween between your smooth, skinny, sissy legs!

    And that's what you put front and center when you show your true self to the world.

    Congratulations sissyjoy! I think you've made quite a breakthrough. Don't you agree?

  2. sissyjoy, you never told me what set off the "shame spiral" that made you throw out all of your girlie stuff and shut down your sissyblog last year, but I can't help but think it had anything to do with this salacious post you made when I challenged you to confess whether or not you secretly wanted to get your sissypussy fucked:

    confessions of a sissy faggot

    If I may quote your juiciest bits, sissyjoy...

    "OMG Lascivia! I am not sure how you know. Maybe all sissies are the same? Yes, I have fantasized about being a submissive sissy fag for a real man... I must admit I have started wondering if that's what I need. It seems like the ultimate humiliation. After a real man takes me like a bitch, there is no way I can pretend to be a male, can I? Yes, Mistress Lascivia, I confess, I have fantasized about what would it feel to be treated as a sissy bitch by a real cock. I am not sure if I am just a sissy anymore. I think I am more of a sissy faggot now."

    Hmmm... could it be that you had trouble dealing with the implications of this revelation? Or perhaps the consequences of your slutty confession? Did the prospect of becoming a true sissy faggot scare you off, sissyjoy? Were you overwhelmed with aggressive offers to take your sissy virginity?

    Did you hope that trying to "go straight" (so to speak) might save you from the fate of becoming a slutty sissy fucktoy getting reamed out every night by real men? That must seem quite intimidating to a puny little virgin sissy like you, sissyjoy.

    But of course you eventually accepted the fact that you can no more stop being a sissy than you can grow a real cock. So I'm wondering if you have also accepted that your days as a sissy virgin are numbered, and your life as a sissy faggot is dawning?

    Do tell sissyjoy! Confess to us... ;)