Wednesday, December 28, 2016

sissy in chastity

Having been a naughty and disobedient sissy, Mistress Lascivia ordered me to get a chastity cage to lock up my clitty. I was so nervous, but also thrilled about the idea of being locked up and not able to diddle my peepee as I pleased. I also had to search around for a really small one that can fit my tiny peanut. After some searching I found this small, cute and pink cage and ordered it a few days ago.

Mistress Lascivia has set up some rules for my chastity:

  • My peanut should always be locked up except when shooting pictures of myself, or when I am allowed to diddle after completing and posting pictures to my blog
  • I should always begin my photo shoot with the cage on.
  • I should remove the cage in the middle of the photo shoot to show everyone how tiny my little bean really is
  • I should put the cage back on at the end of the photo shoot
  • After posting to my blog, I am allowed to remove my cage and diddle my clitty
  • The only other time I am allowed to open my cage and diddle is when a visitor to my blog grants me permission to do so.
With my cage on, it finally looks like I might have a slight bulge between my legs! As Lascivia ordered, I have posted pictures of my peepee without the cage to let everyone clearly see that my sissy nub is not as big as the cage makes it out to be.

With the cage preventing any sort of erections, I wonder if my already useless clitty would get completely limp and impotent soon.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

stuffed for thanksgiving

i am thankful for my tiny little peanut that reminds me everyday that i am just a sissy.
i am thankful for my pretty pink ribbon that i wear with pride almost all the time.
i am thankful for my pink high heels which i practice walking with every week.
i am thankful for my boyfriend Mr. Cock who trains me to be good little cocksucker.
i am thankful for my girlfriend Ms. Peggy who gives me a proper stuffing, not just for thanksgiving.
i am thankful for this blog to exhibit my humiliation.
i am thankful for useless peepee for turning limp and impotent day by day.
i am thankful to Ms. Lascivia for all the attention and instructions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

oops i forgot my panties

With my tiny peanut becoming smaller and softer everyday, I don't even need to tuck my little nub inside panties anymore to get a smooth girlie look, especially when wearing cute little dresses that flare out.