Friday, June 12, 2015

tiny weewee


  1. OMFG! I repeat -- Oh My FUCKING God! Did you use an ice pack to shrink your clit for that first picture?!? You know that's cheating, don't you sissyjoy?

    Of course, you get such a pathetic, perverse thrill out of displaying that teeny-weeny beanie of yours, I can tell you started getting turned on, and by the end it looks like you have a full-on erection! (or at least what passes for one between those smooth, shapely, feminine legs of yours.)

    I swear, sissyjoy, your little peanut is so insignificant that I'm surprised that when you were born the doctors even called you a boy. They should have done you a favor and just snipped the remnants off right then and said you were a girl from the start.

    Mme. Lascivia

  2. Ha! I knew you couldn't resist putting that pathetic peanut back on display!

    Welcome back to the stage sissyjoy! now get some panties on and post more pix! ;)