Thursday, April 2, 2015

sissy bitch


  1. Such a cute puppy! teehee

  2. OMG sissyjoy, you look like you're about to suck a big, fat cock you little slut! Shouldn't there be a pic of you with your "boyfriend" down your throat?

    And then you flip over and offer up your barenaked sissy ass to be fucked -- what a whore! It's like you're BEGGING to get your cherry popped.

    One question, sissyjoy: why the hell aren't your toenails painted bright red? If you're going to pose completely naked, without a scrap of silk or lace to make clear to everybody that you're a gurl, you really need to have your toenails painted -- or else people might think you're just a twink.

    1. Yes Mistress, a cock in my mouth and my girlie shoes were both missing, I added them both to the new set of pictures.