Sunday, January 18, 2015

purple dress - II


  1. Just browsing tumble and look what I found..

    - resartus

    1. Oh my sissyjoy, looks like your shameless sissy rosebud pics are coming back to haunt you! Whether it was your intention or not, you really do look like you're presenting yourself to a real man for a well-deserved anal deflowering, doesn't it?

      Do you ever think about how many of the pictures you've posted of you sticking your virginal ass in the air have been reposted like this to make you look like you're truly begging for a pegging? You must know that there are hundreds of real men out there jacking their real cocks to those pix while the think about giving your sissypussy the fucking it deserves.

      How does that make you feel sissyjoy? Flattered that you're so girly and sexy that real men want to fuck you like girl? Or scared that so many guys see your virginal little rosebud as a fucktoy?

    2. Both flattered and scared Mistress. Flattered that my sissy girlie ass is getting attention. Scared that real men are fantasizing about fucking it.