Monday, September 1, 2014

pink tutu - II


  1. You are a babe Sissy joy.

  2. Your poses are getting better, sissy joy -- you look like such little fairy in that pink tutu. If it weren't for that tiny little peanut between your legs, I'd swear you were a real girl! ;)

    1. I really agree. For awhile there, and I think a lot of would agree with me on this, I read this blog solely for your replies. That's not to fully discount sissy joy... I mean, those shaved legs, that super-smooth body, the "peanut" as you call it, that's all him! ... (or her).

      But everyone can see that he would make an absolutely lovely girl, and your messages pinpoint exactly how feminine he is. You have laser precision and frankly I think everyone who reads this blog (and isn't a real man) is extremely jealous that sissy joy has your attention, and extremely furious that you have such good advice for him and he CONSISTENTLY refuses it. When you suggested that he dance and prance around in a tutu and then next post was that horrifically boring stuff I was furious! "sissy joy takes her for granted!" I thought. Your posts send shivers down my spine and he just disobeys? Like he never read the post at all!

      So I'm glad sissy is finally stepping it up a bit. I'm a little surprised you didn't give up on him fully... it's been a few years now that I've been reading your comments. You clearly care about sissy a little bit, and it's been fun to watch you two's interaction. I'm glad he didn't ruin it.

      Anyway, sissy, I want to see you play with your nipples in your next photo set.

      ~ relgnat

    2. Well, hear hear! I couldn't have said it better myself!

      See sissyjoy? you've disappointed more people than me with your laziness. I think you take everyone who bothers to visit your site for granted, and you owe us all an apology.

      In fact, I think you owe us all a true Apology Post. Don't you agree?

      you present yourself humbly -- kneeling, naked and tucked -- and apologize sincerely for being such a lazy and disobedient sissy. you must promise to work harder to deserve our attention in the future.

      Next, you must thank us profusely for all attention that you have already been given -- especially the detailed instructions that would certainly make you such a better sissy, and which you then so miserably failed to execute. For this, you should put that tutu back on and take a few pix truly prancing around like I instructed you to do in the first place. (Take a bunch of pictures, trying all sorts of poses and prancy moves, save the best 15 and post the best two or three into this part of your Apology Post.)

      you should finish your Apology Post with a fresh pic of you mincing coquettishly in your sluttiest negligee (and if you don't have a "sluttiest negligee" GET ONE!) but no panties. Be sure that your pose is the girliest posture you can have that doesn't hide your shameful little peanut that makes you forever both less than a man and less than a woman.

      And just to prove you mean what you promised about making an effort and following directions going forward, be sure to play with your nipples in that pic. ;)

      We all eagerly await your full surrender, sissyjoy. Don't keep us waiting.

      Mme. Lascivia