Thursday, September 18, 2014

apology post

On my knees like the little bitch that I am, I sincerely apologize for being a lazy disobedient sissy. Sorry Mme Lascivia, I'll worker harder in the future and try to be a good sissy bitch.

Thank you everyone, especially Mme Lascivia for paying attention to me, my pathetic little peanut and my blog. Thank you Mme Lascivia for always taking the time to comment in detail and for giving me instructions on being a good sissy slut. I'll try to follow your instructions and strive to be a better sissy slut. 

I promise to dress up as a slut and work harder on improving my girlie poses. 

1 comment:

  1. Well well well, sissyjoy... I must say I'm impressed at how quickly and obediently you complied. Maybe you can be a good, submissive sissy bitch after all.

    When I saw that first pic of you naked on your knees, I literally laughed out loud at how tiny your teeny peen looked -- even tinier than usual! Did you ice it down before you took that shot to show off your inferiority with maximum shrinkage? Anyway, you looked very sincere.

    The ballerina pics were an improvement -- keep it up.

    And speaking of keeping it up, I want you to redo that last pic, where you're supposed to be playing with your nipples. You just have your hands on your chest, which is not the same thing. In your next pic (or set if you want to do more than one) I want you to show yourself REALLY playing with your nips -- tweaking and twisting and pinching them.

    And to make the point of how much it turn you on to play with your sissy nips, you have to make sure your little dicklette is hard (if you're still somehow capable of an erection, that is!)

    So your apology is accepted, sissyjoy -- but now you're raised the bar of expectations. You have to keep up the good work.

    Don't disappoint us again! ;)

    Mme Lascivia