Friday, August 22, 2014

purple thongs


  1. Holy teenie-weens sissyjoy! did you get your belly button pierced?!? OMFG! It looks great! (that is, completely emasculated and girly!) You look like such a little bimbo slut! Does it tickle when it dangles against your smooth-shaved tummy? Does it make you feel like a sleazy stripper, sissyjoy? It sure makes you look like one! ;) kudos!

    By the way, your poses are getting better! Your second purple thong pose and first white stocking posed were VERY coquettish and girly. You looked like you really wanted to look sexy in your new outfits. You should make sure ALL your poses have those cute, girly touches, like the extended wrists and pinkies, and the femme turn of the knee and hip.

    Good work sissyjoy! Keep it up!

    Mme. Lascivia

    1. Thank You Mme. Lascivia! No, I didn't get my belly button pierced. It's just a stick on jewelry. And yes, I have been trying to get better at posing. Glad you liked the poses.