Tuesday, June 3, 2014

pink camisole


  1. Now this is more like it sissyjoy! you look like such a little SLUT in that outfit!

    So many of you outfits have been sooooo boooooorrrrrring lately -- is it any wonder why your "sissy whore" post from 2009 is still so popular? People want to see you strutting around in sexy-sissy outfits that show off what a shameless whore you are deep down, and this pink camisole makes you look like a damn tranny prostitute! HA!

    But sissyjoy, you really MUST work on your poses! Soooo booooring! You look good in pix 4 and 5 with your leg cocked to the side, but the rest are too standard and dull it looks like you sleep-walked through this photo shoot, doing the same boring poses you do every time.

    Turn to the side and kick up your heel. Stick your butt of and grab your teeny baby titties. Go look at some sexy poses on sissy Tumblr blogs and try them yourself.

    You should do that right away and post a whole new set of pix in this outfit. Do it for your Mistress sissyjoy!

  2. Love your ass! I wanna lick It. I am a sissy cunt too, you make my cock dribble.