Thursday, April 10, 2014

blue undress


  1. And I'm a Daddy who likes little sissies I would love to spank you dress you and fuck you Daddy C

  2. Oh DaddyC, tsk tsk tsk. You don't know sissyjoy very well, do you? Sorry to disappoint you, but despite all appearances, sissyjoy likes GIRLS! (Though what any girl but a sissifying Domina would want ever with her is beyond me.)

    sissyjoy DOES fantasize about being ordered by a Domnia to suck guys' cock (isn't that right, sissyjoy?) but she's TERRIFIED of the idea of her virginal little rosebud being penetrated -- by a real cock or a stapon.

    sissyjoy is just a neutered little sissy with a peanut instead of a cock who likes to be dressed up like a girl cuz she knows nobody will even take her seriously as a man. she's not a real gayboy trap looking for cock. Sorry DaddyC, sissyjoy could never please you -- any more than she could ever please a woman!

    1. Yes Mistress, you are absolutely right. What you describe word for word is who i am.