Sunday, January 19, 2014

my little peanut


  1. LOL

    Your clitty is just fucking ridiculous.....even for a girlie sissy like you!

    It's so funny because your tiny dicklet is even smaller than your little balls, that are already incredibly small!

    You surely have failed as a man like I have. But you failed more successfully!!!!!
    That's why I submit myself to real men with real should try!

  2. Sexy and smooth, very nice, you should submit to me so that I can milk you like a real girl.

  3. Sexy and smooth tiny clit. I want to suck it and bring it to life

  4. Yours is about the same size as mine, but my skin is milky white. We should meet for shaving and milking and other girly-ness!

  5. Where is Mistress Lascivia? I miss her....Hope she comes back.Her comments are so inspiring for sissies like us.

    1. I miss her very much too... I don't even fee like posting anything... Maybe she didn't find the recent posts amusing enough to comment on..:(

  6. HAHAHA! Silly little sissy! Oh, it's nice to be missed, but it really shouldn't be a mystery why I've been staying away.

    Didn't you even READ my last comment sissyjoy? I scolded you for posting such boring tutu pix when the drawing you posted showed you had some excellent inspiration! All you did was stand there like an idiot or squat like a dog. That's no way for a properly effeminate sissy to pose when she's wearing such a cute little tutu and pretending to be dancing for her Mistress! Where were the pointy toes and dainty ballet poses?

    I TOLD you to do better! I TOLD you to get back in your tutu and take some more pics in better poses -- and what did YOU do, sissyjoy? NOTHING! Worse than nothing -- your next post was just you in that polkadot granny dress that we've seen already! Those pics probably weren't even new, were they? Admit it! Such a lazy sissy...

    The reason I haven't commented since then, sissyjoy, is that I'm been WAITING for you to do what I TOLD you to do! And you've been keeping me waiting far too long. I was about to stop bothering to to look at your site altogether.

    (Though I have to admit, I might have commented on this post anyway because your little bean looks sooo ridorkulously teeny! I know I've said this before, but it really does look like somebody cut off a real dick at the root and that's really just the leftover stump. Be honest sissyjoy, are you SURE you weren't born with an actual cock and just have an accident that forced you to become a sissy?)

    Anyway, try a little obedience and see if that doesn't get you more attention.

    If you're in the mood for following orders again like a good little sissy, then you need to look up some dazzling ballet poses, practice them in front of a mirror until you can do them right, get that cute little tutu back on and take a bunch of REAL ballerina sissy pics for us! Understand, sissyjoy?

    And you're truly sorry for disappointing me and becoming such a lazy, boring sissy, then obviously you should start your next post with a sincere apology for being so lazy and boring and a serious pledge to do better -- to do more creative, feminine poses, to go shopping for some new and sexier sissywear (like the fishnets and slutty lingerie from your "sissy whore" post), to create more illustrated fantasy posts (like that delightful "sissy wedding" post) and to devote yourself to becoming the most feminized, shameless, sluttiest-looking sissy ever!

    You have your second chance to make this right, sissyjoy. Don't disappoint me again. Do you understand?

    Mistress Lascivia

  7. You know, come to think of it sissyjoy, you owe us more than just an apology. You deserve a spanking -- a long, hard, bare-assed spanking that leaves your cute little sissy butt bright red and reminds you not to get lazy again.

    That's what you need to do for us, sissyjoy, -- before you redo your ballerina pixie pix. Along with your apology and pledge to be a better sissy, your next post should be some pix of yourself, naked on your hands and knees, with your ass burning red from a self-spanking so hard it brings tears to your eyes.

    That's what you owe us, sissyjoy, and I think that even your sissy friends will agree. How about it girls? Doesn't sissyjoy deserve a hard, bare-assed spanking?

  8. And...with Mistress Lascivia's return we are back in least I hope so.Btw I was the one commenting on Feb 7.

    Dear Mistres Lascivia,where can I find you?