Monday, October 14, 2013

little peepee under the polka dot dress


  1. Wow sissy joy,
    so pretty n sexy. I didn't think I had any attraction to other sissy gurls till I saw ur pics. I want to spank ur tushy a lill.
    Can u maybe put on some glasses a wig so we can see ur ful body. fussy I know.
    lill jo

  2. You are very sexy and pretty! My favourite pics are #5 and #6. I'd love to see you do a little striptease for us. Oh, I'm hard at the office thinking about you! xo

  3. Oh my, sissyjoy, how does it feel to know that Mr. Perfect71ps is getting hard for you, hmmm? And I see that Mr. Marco not only likes your "dick" (though I dispute the appropriateness of that term for such a teeny peen), but he also was kind enough to mention in your monokini post that he wants to "fuck your lovely ass"!! HAHAHAHA!

    Is it embarrassing to know that so many guys are getting hard thinking about fucking your like a girl? You know they are! Is it a little scary? Hee hee! I know you're too scared to imagine actually letting anything violate your virginal little rosebud, but you must realize that it what most of the guys looking at your pixie pix are thinking about, right?

    I wonder how often you really think about how many of your fans aren't fellow sissies like lill jo admiring your emasculated femininity, or Mistresses like me enjoying how you debase yourself by displaying your pathetic peanut for all the world to see (and laugh at), but rather Real Men who get turned on by your smooth, girlish body and fantasize about fucking that tight little boipussy between your cheeks.

    Do you ever think about that sissyjoy? How many guys out there looking at your pictures want to hold you down and fuck you while you squirm and whimper? Dozens? Hundreds? Is it humiliating to know that so many guys see you not just as pretty sissy in girly clothes, but as a sexy little slut who deserves to be fucked?

    I mean, it's one thing to accept the fact that your tiny shriveled clit disqualifies from ever being seen by women as anything like an actual male. It's a whole other level of emasculation and feminization entirely to admit you're so utterly sissified that men can't help but think about fucking you like a girl.

    Mme. Lascivia

    1. What you say is so true of me, I am a crossdressed sissy with a tiny, shaved clitty who is looking to serve a dome

    2. As much as I am addicted to humiliation, comments from men about my sissy pussy scares the hell out of me. It's one thing to fantasize about dominant Mistresses forcing me on my knees to suck a real man's cock, it is quite another to have men thinking about fucking my boipussy.

      I don't think many men visit this blog though.

    3. My sissy feels the same way too. She's worried about men looking at her, but i reassure her that i'm the only one that will ever touch her and that other ladies will enjoy her pics too. I'm jealous over that skirt. I'm sure my sissy is too.

  4. Oh don't be so modest, sissyjoy! I'm sure you have LOTS of male fans who like twinky bois like you. They may not comment as much as the other sissies do, but you can bet they're downloading your pixie pix and jacking off as they fantasize about sliding their hard cocks into your virginal boipussy!

    You know once you put these slutty, sexy, sissified pix out on the Web they will find their way into men's porno collections -- men, straight and gay, who love to fuck smooth, soft little flowers like you who are so weak and feminized that it hardly matters what's between your legs. You know that your sissy pix are being passed around on tumblrs and message boards among men who'd just LOVE to hold you down and fuck you. And the fact that you'd resist (or at least pathetically try ) would only make it sexier for them, of course, because what those guys get off on most is dominating and emasculating you, and nothing is more humiliating and emasculating that getting fucked by a real man when you're not gay.

    I'm glad it scares you, little sissy -- its far more amusing for a Mistress when her sissyslut is squirming and anxious. But you shouldn't live in denial, telling yourself that there aren't that many men visiting your blog and wanking at pictures of your sissy ass. You should admit to yourself that it happens all the time and you can't stop it. Even if you shut down this blog and never posted another pic again, the ones you've put out there already are still going to multiply on sissy tumblrs and gay twink sites.

    The web is a big place, sissyjoy. You should never let yourself forget that there are probably at least two or three guys out there masturbating to your pixie pix at any given moment -- RIGHT NOW, in fact -- fantasizing about holding you down and fucking you like a girl while you squeal and beg for mercy!

    Think about that when you got to bed tonight, feeling the sheets slide across your smooth, naked body (you DO still sleep in the nude, right sissyjoy?).... Think about how many guys out there are staring at your picture and jerking off while they wish they were in your bed right now, dominating and fucking your pathetically girly body. That should make you blush, sissyjoy, and make your heart race. It may even make you reluctant to post more pictures that might encourage them.

    But you know you won't be able to resist. You'll post more pixie pix -- even ones displaying your smooth, puckered rosebud -- even knowing that you're encouraging guys to jerk off over fucking you, because you're a shameless sissy slut, and that's what sissy sluts do!

    1. I don't want to be a twinky boi for men, Mistress. I am just a shameless little sissy who humiliates herself for the amusement of her Mistress and her friends, a sissy that likes to show off her sissy girlie body for the humiliation.

      You are right, Mistress, I am a shameless sissy slut addicted to shamelessly displaying my girlie body and tiny peanut for the whole world to see.