Sunday, September 1, 2013

purple thongs


  1. Why do so many people still deny the facts about anal sex? When done properly, it is a good, healthy, and safe way to have sex. Any man who has had his prostate massaged during or before sex knows that the orgasm was much more intense and satisfying.

    For women, anal sex is a viable alternative when they are on their period, or during pregnancy.

    Unfortunately there is a group of people who have taken writings from the Bible and used them out of context in the modern era. Claiming that anal sex is a sin, or that it is not natural, goes against logic and biology. If anal sex were not natural, then there would not be a "male G-spot" located where it can only receive maximum stimulation via anal sex. That's right people, the prostate is the "male G-spot", and it located behind the wall of the anus.

    I have even written a book on the subject of anal sex and prostate stimulation. It is called "Down Under: The Complete Guide to Pegging and Anal Play".

    If anyone is interested in an in-depth discussion on anal sex, and why it is healthy for men to receive anal stimulation on a regular basis, read my book.

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  2. Having skimmed most of your postings and comments, it is apparent that you need to take a series of steps if you are to fully embrace who you are, rather than doing the hokey pokey. First, antiandrogens to further offset most of the testosterone you may have left in your system. Six months would take care of your raisins, and reduce your clitty to truly girly size. That's if you aren't ready to just have the raisins removed. Getting nutted is the point of no return and is a tremendous rush for the committed sissy. Then just a little estrogen help to fill out your boy titties to "androgynous A" and widen your hips, and your journey is essentially complete..