Sunday, July 28, 2013



  1. makes me all horny

  2. D'awww, you look great in that Sissy Joy :-) Xxx

  3. sexy~~~ ^__^

  4. Oh sissyjoy you look so much like a girl in that little monokini! Your smooth, round butt looks especially girlie, but you know what would help even more? HEELS! Why on earth did you neglect to put on some of your high-heeled shoes for this photo shoot? Naughty sissy!

    And how could you pose in a bathing suit and not make sure you're slathered in baby oil, like you're about to stretch out those sexy legs to get some sun on a hot Brazilian beach? That is a serious oversight, young lady!

    sissyjoy, you need to take another set of pics immediately wearing the sexiest heels you have and with your whole body shiny with oil! And be sure to finish the shoot by stripping out of the suit and running your hands all over your shiny, naked body until that ridiculous bean of yours plumps up like a tiny Vienna sausage -- that's always soooo funny!

    1. Hi Mistress Lascivia, thanks for the comments.

      I did try wearing my heels with the monokini, Mistress. Somehow, it didn't look good.

  5. i wanna fuck your lovely ass