Tuesday, June 4, 2013

baby doll


  1. Holy shit sissyjoy! You look so cute and girly in that sexy little outfit that I'd swear in the first five pics you were a real girl! And honestly, even in the last one, displaying that peanut of yours, you still don't look anything like a real man.

    Oh sissyjoy, why don't you just give up and be a girl? Is it really worth it, dressing up like a boy each day and trying to pretend that you deserve to be treated like a real man? Why not just get a new job someplace as a girl, quit your pathetic little life as a defective, utterly unappealing fake male, and start over in a fun new life with hot new friends as a smooth, sexy girl?

    Think about how much fun you could have going out after work with your humiliatrix Mistresses as they make you dance sexy for horny guys, flirt with everybody, and maybe even give handjobs under the table (while they secretly fiddle with your little giblet).

    Of course you'd have to throw out ALL of your boy clothes, assemble a wardrobe befitting a true sissygirl, and go out the door every day dressed up like a (clearly rather slutty) little girl.

    And to pull it off, you would probably need weeks of intensive training in femininized manners and body language -- with a quick crop to the ass for any slight infraction! But I'm sure you'd learn fast, right? ;)

    Now be honest, sissyjoy -- doesn't that sound fun? Doesn't the very idea excite you on a level nothing else does? You know you'd love it, so why don't you just do it?

    Are you afraid your face isn't pretty enough to be taken as a girl? Well, since you're too scared to post any facepics (wtf?), we unfortunately can't judge just how hot-or-not your face is. But I have to say that I can't imagine how anybody with a body so feminine and obviously testosterone-deficient could ever have a genuinely masculine face. Besides, enough make-up can make anybody look like a girl -- albeit a hooker! ;)

    So what is it sissyjoy? What's making you cling so hard to your sad, pathetic, emasculated life as an utterly un-male sissyboi? What's keeping you from just surrendering to your feminine side -- which is clearly the biggest part of you ;) -- and live openly as the sissygirl you know you were born to be?

    You must know in your heart that you'll make a much better girl than you ever could have been as a boy. You prove that here weekly with all your adorable little pixiepix!

    So why don't you just drop the whole pathetic boi act and learn to live life as a girl? Don't you agree it would be fun for you? What's stopping you?

    Mme Lascivia

    PS: if your only excuse it that you're just too much of a pussy to admit you'll never grow a cock, I'll make you take your new jock boyfriend Mr. Cock right up your tight little virgin sissypussy!

    1. Ohh! How i wish You could visit my blog and encourage me like that!! Sissy Joy is so lucky.

    2. Yes Mistress, I know for sure that I can never be a real man. I don't have any qualities that define a man. I have realized that. But, I also realize that I can never be a girl. I don't even want to be a full-time girl as you describe. I am comfortable as a closet sissy for now - pretending to be a male on the outside, dressing up as a girlie sissy and prancing about in private. I would love to go out dressed as a girl with my humiliatrix mistresses at least once though.