Saturday, May 18, 2013

sissy cheerleader

"You have never played any sports, have you?" asked Princess Jewel. 

"No Princess, I have never been man enough to make it to any team."

"Aww, you poor gurl. Guess what? You can be a cheerleader if you want to."

"I would love to Princess. But, aren't cheerleaders athletes as well? You need to be fit, strong and flexible to be a cheerleader."

"No silly slut. You are too weak and wimpy to be a sassy cheerleader. But, I can train you to be a private back room sissy cheer gurl."


"Go on, wear this nice little uniform."
"I love the uniform, Princess. It is so pretty. But...but, there was no panties with the uniform, Princess."

"That's right! No panties for sissy cheer gurl joy. She gets to show off her little peepee as she does her cheers. Her little cute clitty will bounce about as she prances around and it's going to be hilarious!"

"Yes, Princess"

"Now, pretty up your limpy with some matching ribbons."

"OMG sissy! That looks ridiculous! Ha Ha! I can't stop laughing. Now shake those pompoms and twirl around."

 "You know what would be even more hilarious, sissy joy?"

"What, Princess?"

"If you pranced around with the pompoms sticking out of your ass! HA! HA!"


"I am going to let you off on that now sissy. But, one day I am going to make you wear the pompoms like a cute little bunny tail!"

"Thank You, Princess!"

 "You know what, it's time to do some cheers."

"Yes, Princess."

"Let's see. You are going to cheering for jocks. Hmm, no, sissy joy is going to cheer for cocks!"

"Come on sissy, C.O.C.K. I'm gonna suck a cock today!"

"C.O.C.K. I'm gonna suck a cock today".

"Sing it some more excitement."

"C.O.C.K. I'm gonna suck a cock today."



"No. YAY!"


"Now sing it again and shake your tushy and pompoms as you do it."

"C.O.C.K. I'm gonna suck a cock today! YAY!"

Clap! Clap! "Good gurl. Now, the next one - B.A.L.L.S. I like to lick them, yes, yes, yes! Yay!"

"B.A.L.L.S. I like to lick them, Yes, Yes, Yes! YAY!"

"Now both together"

"C.O.C.K. I'm gonna suck a cock today.
B.A.L.L.S. I like to lick them, Yes, Yes, Yes!

"Ha Ha Ha! Good job, sissy joy. Now -
C.U.M. That spells cum. C.U.M. That's so yum!"

"C.U.M. That spells cum. C.U.M. That's so yum!"

"Ha Ha! Nothing is too low for you, is there sissy joy?"

"No, Princess. I deserve the humiliation."

"That's right. This is what you get for being a dickless sissy slut. Do the cheers again. And, flip up your skirt and shake your ass as you do it."

"C.O.C.K. I'm gonna suck a cock today!
B.A.L.L.S. I like to lick them. Yes! Yes! Yes!
C.U.M. That spells cum.
C.U.M. That's so Yum!

"That's enough practice, sissy. Now you should do the cheers for a jock"

"Jock, Princess?"

"Yes, go get Mr. Cock."

"Yes, Princess."

"Hurry up, slut. Stick him on the wall and get down on your knees."

"Now, crawl up to Mr. Cock and shake your ass. Come on sissy, perform for Mr. Cock. If you do the cheers correctly, he might let you suck him!"

"C.O.C.K. I'm gonna suck a cock today!
B.A.L.L.S. I like to lick them. Yes! Yes! Yes!
C.U.M. That spells cum.
C.U.M. That's so Yum!

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Again!"

"C.O.C.K. I'm gonna suck a cock today!
B.A.L.L.S. I like to lick them. Yes! Yes! Yes!
C.U.M. That spells cum.
C.U.M. That's so Yum!

"HA! HA! HA!"

"Now, beg Mr. Cock to let you lick his balls!"

"Mr. Cock, can I please lick your balls?"

"Call him Sir!"

"Mr.Cock, Sir, can I please lick your balls, Sir?"

"Go on. Lick his balls!"


"Get his balls wet. You love licking his sweaty balls, don't you slut?"

"Yes, Princess."

"Beg to suck him"

"Please Mr. Cock, can I suck you?"

"Go on, beg for cock!"

"Please Sir, can I please suck you, Mr. Cock?"

"Tell him you are good little cocksucker"

"I am a good little cocksucker, Sir."

"Go on. Keep begging. Convince him to let you suck him!"

"Please Sir. I love sucking cock, Sir. I am a good little cocksucker, Sir. Please, please, can I suck you, Mr. Cock."

"Go on. Put him in your mouth and suck, you cocksucker!"



"Put Mr.Cock next to your limpy"

"Yes, Princess"

"Ha!Ha! pathetic! Now you know why he is a jock and you are sissy, don't you?"

"Yes, Princess"

"You are not just a sissy, you are a cocksucking sissy!"

"Yes, Princess"

"You are a cock sucking sissy faggot"

"I am a cock sucking sissy faggot, Princess"

"That's right. You are a cock sucking fairy."

"I am a cock sucking fairy, Princess"

"Tell Mr. Cock who you are"

"Sir Mr.Cock, I am cock sucking sissy fairy, Sir. I am a sissy faggot cheerleader, Sir."

"Thank him"

"Thank you, Sir for letting me suck you!"

"Thank me, bitch!"

"Thank you Princess for teaching me all the cheers and training me to be a good little sissy cheerleader."

"You're welcome slut. Here's one more last cheer for today -
I have a teenie tool.
Cocks make me drool.
I love sucking a big black cock,
for Princess Jewel"

"I have a teenie tool.
Cocks make me drool.
I love sucking a big black cock,
for Princess Jewel"


  1. Oh sissyjoy, you do look so cute in that cheerleader uniform. You could probably get an actual jock to really let you suck his cock if you flounced up to him in that outfit -- as long as you beg for it on your knees.

    Wouldn't that be fun sissyjoy?

    Imagine yourself in a car with your Mistress one night, wearing that exact outfit -- no panties! -- with your boy clothes safely locked in the trunk. You're checking your whorish makeup in the visor mirror as your Mistress chats up a guy on the phone, saying she knows an expert cock-worshipper who is just dying to suck his cock as soon as he's done playing basketball tonight. And all the while she's fiddling with the bow on your pathetic little peanut and teasing it with her long pinky nail.

    Her car's parked across the street from his gym, looking right down the alley behind the men's locker room exit. She tells him to go straight to the rear exit as soon as the game is over and her cocksucking friend will meet him there for an expert post-game blow job.

    As she straightens your wig, your Mistress instructs you to wait until he comes out to the alley and then you have to get out of the car and go to him -- using your sexiest, slinkiest strut to convince him you're a girl -- kneel down in front of him and beg to suck his cock.

    Needless to say, you will then be expected to follow through -- and live up to the hype -- eagerly deep-throating and licking his balls.

    She warns you he'll be sweaty, and very manly-smelling, but you're expected to service him to the end -- and not spill a drop -- or else your disappointed Mistress may just take off and drive around for a while, stranding you there wearing nothing but a cum-stained cheerleader uniform, on your knees in front of a very confused jock.

    Well, I guess that might be pretty scary for an inexperienced gurl like you, sissyjoy. So much pressure, so much danger, everything depending on how convincing and expert you are...

    But that's why you practice so much with Mr. Cock, right sissyjoy? You do practice with him every day, don't you? That's the only way to be ready when your Mistress springs something like that on you someday! ;)

    Promise me, sissyjoy, that you'll practice worshipping Mr. Cock at least twice a day -- once stuck on the wall like he's standing and once stuck to a chair like he's sitting. You have to be expert in both positions, of course.

  2. Sooo hot, Mistress Lascivia! Yes, that's pretty scary. I am practicing with Mr. Cock, Mistress. I wanna be an expert cocksucker.

  3. you have the big jocks all towel whip you, and spank you, as you crawl around with cheer panties and jock straps over your face. All the cheerleaders will be pointing and laughing at what a loser, nerd boy you are. And you will wet yourself and whimper as they all make fun of you. MMMM