Sunday, May 12, 2013

dick vs dicklette

Holding Mr.Cock next to my puny little dicklette is a forceful reminder as to why I am a worthless little sissy.


  1. Love the contrast. One of Mr Cock's testicles is bigger than both of your testicles and your sissy clit combined!

    Have you given yourself to him yet, Sissy Joy? You know he deserves that ass... And it feels good...

  2. I think your little dicklette makes mr cock look even bigger! Hi sissy joy I'm Brianna I'm training to be much more like you I hope I can be better but I suck too good to be better then anyone I'm just a bitch that's soul purpose I blonde is to be fucked and used.

  3. That big dong in your ass gets you ready for the lesbian gangbang!