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sissy cheerleader

"You have never played any sports, have you?" asked Princess Jewel. 

"No Princess, I have never been man enough to make it to any team."
"Aww, you poor gurl. Guess what? You can be a cheerleader if you want to."
"I would love to Princess. But, aren't cheerleaders athletes as well? You need to be fit, strong and flexible to be a cheerleader."
"No silly slut. You are too weak and wimpy to be a sassy cheerleader. But, I can train you to be a private back room sissy cheer gurl."
"Go on, wear this nice little uniform." "I love the uniform, Princess. It is so pretty. But...but, there was no panties with the uniform, Princess."
"That's right! No panties for sissy cheer gurl joy. She gets to show off her little peepee as she does her cheers. Her little cute clitty will bounce about as she prances around and it's going to be hilarious!"
"Yes, Princess"
"Now, pretty up yo…

dick vs dicklette

Holding Mr.Cock next to my puny little dicklette is a forceful reminder as to why I am a worthless little sissy.