Wednesday, April 24, 2013

slutty maid


  1. You are so pretty !

  2. OMFG sissyjoy! I knew you couldn't even keep your skirt on! Suddenly you can't resist flipping that little stump at us!

    All I can say is "ick!" -- you look so gross, like a wound. It's like somebody cut off your real dick, and this is what you have left.

    Wait... is that what happened to you, sissyjoy? Did you once have a real dick? only to see it snipped off by somebody, leaving you only with that pathetic nub?

    That would explain a lot, sissyjoy. Of course you can't pretend to be a man, because you simply don't have a cock anymore, right? It probably would have been better for you if they had just cut it off at the root rather than leave only that little nub.

    I'll bet deep down you wish whoever cut off your prick had gone ahead and taken your little raisins too. That would have made your shaving regime much more manageable, wouldn't it sissyjoy?

    Anyway, I just have to add that picture #5 is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen!

    1. Yes Mistress Lascivia, there are plenty of ridiculous pictures of my weenie in the blog, but #5 is particularly pathetic for my limpy peenie's ridiculous attempt at standing hard like a real penis.

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