1. Oh my, little sissy -- Happy Easter to you too! Is that a tiny pink easter egg for us between your legs in the first photos?

    Aw darn, turns out it's just a couple of robin eggs (tiny blue balls!) and the stub end of a breakfast sausage. What a disappointment.

    I was frankly expecting more from you for Easter, sissyjoy. Was it too much trouble for you to make a tiny pair of bunny ears for your teeny weenie? or maybe paint your little sack like an easter egg and and paint your peen like a peep sitting on it?

    Those would have been adorable pictures, don't you think, sissyjoy? Such a shame you missed the chance.

    1. I'll try and remember that for next Easter.

  2. I think you look wonderful in your panties. I love how smooth your long legs are, so sexy!

  3. Love to be your milkman.

  4. Tienes unaspiernas divinas y un culo excitante


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