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  1. Oh my, sissyjoy, don't you look like a perfect little slut in your Little Black Dress!

    You know, if you didn't pull your skirt up in the last pics to flash that teeny little lump in your panties, we'd never know you weren't born a real girl. Do you ever dream of going out on the town in that sexy little dress and fooling everybody?

    1. thanks. sometimes i do wonder how it would feel to go out dressed as a girl.

  2. sissyjoy you really MUST try it! Just get a wig (or even a cute, dressy hat), tie a frilly scarf over your adam's apple (if you even HAVE one), and then spend the time to get your make-up right -- and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!

    You've played with make up before, right sissyjoy? (after all, what sissy worth her panties hasn't?) You can do you eye make-up over-the-top diva style and it will be practically like a mask. And your body is so unmistakably feminine, I know your face can't possibly resemble a Man's. You're probably mistaken for a tom-boy girl by some people when you go out dressed up in boy clothes!

    Believe me, sissyjoy, just try it once and you will LOVE it! Every gurl I've helped awaken has been afraid at first (some needed significant coercion and convincing), but when they finally surrender and do it, they LUUUUV it! They feel so alive and energized they can't wait to do it again, and regret waiting as long as they did.

    I hope your many sissy fans will back me up on this and encourage you to take this important (and inevitable) step in your progress as a sissy. Let's hear it, gurls! Should sissyjoy go out on an adventure?

    Mme. Lascivia

    1. Though I sometimes wonder how it would feel, I don't have a strong urge to dress up and go out. For one, I am a very shy and scared little sissy. The humiliation of not being a man is a stronger feeling for me more than the need to pretend to be a girl.

      That said, I think if the right girl was physically next to me, dressed me up and applied makeup for me, then with significant coercion and convincing, I might hold her hand and walk out.

  3. love your black dress and panty

  4. I absolutely agree with Lascivia that SissyJoy should go out in public dressed as a girl sissy slut...and post those photos here for us to enjoy. Also SissyJoy you should paint your toenails. That would make them look much better. maybe you should try wear sheer panty more often. And post some swinging hip photos in heels for us to enjoy. You are an absolute slut and i appreciate what you are doing for our enjoyment and your humiliation.

  5. I understand what you mean, sissyjoy, about being scared to go out alone dressed like the sissyslut you are. And of course it would take a Domina to force you out the door at the end of her crop. Because for a sissy like you, it's never that you WANT to pretend to be a girl -- the thrill comes from being FORCED to play a girl as a reminder of what a pathetic specimen of an XY you really are.

    Mind you, even with a firm Domina behind you, whacking your ass hard with a crop every time you protest or hesitate as you get ready and walk out the door, going out in public dressed up will always be scary and humiliating for a sissy like you. You'll be just as scared that somebody will realize you're a tranny and call you out in public, as you are that some drunk guy is going to NOT realize you're a tranny and start flirting with you (which can be particularly scary for a weak, skinny little sissy like you, because you know how easily you could be overpowered by a real man if he really wanted to have his way with you.)

    But of course, that wouldn't be all that was going through your mind... you'd also be thinking about how much it amuses your Domina to see you noticing the strange looks, and how she will gleefully encourages every beer-goggled guy you attract to buy you drinks and grab your ass and tell you what a sexy, feminine girl you are.

    And THAT's what makes your little rasin plump up to a grape in your panties (which you'll constantly worry will show!). It's being forced to dress up like the girl you might as well have been born as, and forced out the door (on a leash if necessary!), and paraded around at a club where you're forced to try and pass as a cute, sexy, genuine girl in front of a bunch of drunk, horny guys.

    It's such perfect humiliation. Your Domina punishes your pathetic lack of masculinity not only by making you to dress up like a girl, but taking you out to a club where you HAVE to keep up the act, and puts you in a situation where you even have to play girly for grabby guys who you're terrified might touch something they don't expect.

    Take it from a sissy-training Dominatrix, sissyjoy, nothing delights a sissy's Mistress more that watching her little slut daintily brushing away horny guys' hands as she struggles to act casual and girly when every touch makes her jump. You'll shoot your Domina pleading looks, sissyjoy, but you'll see only wicked amusement in her eyes as she invites your drunkest suitors to buy rounds of drinks.

    I guarantee you will find the experience terrifying, sissyjoy, but sometime when you're sitting on your Domina's lap (to escape the groping advances of clueless lugs) her hand will find its way up your short little skirt. She'll tickle your teeny bean through your silk panties and watch your face flush as you squirm on her lap.

    You'll love it, sissyjoy -- well, hate it but love it maybe... like that pathetic prick you have to live with. ;)

    You really need a Mistress -- have you tried Craig's List?

    1. I do need a Mistress to guide and train me. No, I haven't tried Craig's list.


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