Saturday, November 10, 2012

naughty school girl

i am just a naughty little sissy school girl with a itsy bitsy peepee who can't keep her panties on.


  1. Excellent set of pictures. I really love the heels that you have on in these pics, some white lace stockings might go well with the set too...

    Such a naughty little sissy, I actually voted maid, I have a sexy sissy maid outfit that I like to wear when I´m cleaning around the house. But this outfit is stunning on you.

    A fellow Sissy.

  2. They are a fantastic set of pictures and you have a wonderful body. I'm jealous.

  3. Great! Bravo!
    I invite you to share what Latin Americans enjoy about sissyfication
    Sado, Sensual y Femenino

  4. Was für ein verführerisches Röcklein, Du siehst bezaubernd darin aus.

  5. So pretty, if I had a bady like yours I wouldn't be able to keep my panties on either.