Monday, July 16, 2012

Introducing Mr.Cock

I have long resisted getting a dildo. Many were surprised how I didn't have one for so long. For one I was hoping that maybe one day that I might actually decide to be a man instead of a sissy. After years of prancing on and off in panties, I have finally accepted that I am just a little sissy gurl. I only need to look at my bald little sissy clitty nub to realize that. So, a couple of weeks ago after much deliberation, I gave in to my craving and bought Mr. Cock - a big, hard, ballsy, black, realistic dildo.

As soon as I opened the box and held Mr.Cock in my hand, I felt emasculated as never before. I could wrap both my slender hands around the shaft and still see the head sticking out. Intimidated by the cock, my little marbles pulled back up. My limp little peanut shrunk even further in shame. There is no way my teenie weenie is going to ever dream about pussy again. It's not meant to be. It's insult to women to even dream like that. Overwhelmed with a new respect for real cock, I stripped naked, knelt down and kissed Mr. Cock. I am not a man. I am just a pretender with a puny little dicklette. I am a sissy!


  1. Very nice. I'd like to see some pics of Mr cock in use. Lube it up and slide your sissy ass down on it.

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  3. Oh my goodness! sissyjoy, what have you done now? I can't believe you actually got yourself a big rubber cock to play with! What in the world do you plan to do with it? Stick it to the wall above your bed so the first and last thing you see every day is a monument to the insignificance of your teeny weenie? Or are your going to take Mr. Cock to bed with you so you can hold him and stroke him under the covers all night like a real boyfriend? You have to be sure to kiss Mr. Cock every morning and bedtime to show him proper respect sissyjoy! ;)

    I think you must be right that just being near a legitimately sized cock makes your little peanut shrivel up even more. You look so ridiculously dickless next to that big brown cock! You really must start including your new boyfriend in all of your photo shoots. He really makes a funny contrast.

    As for pics Mr. Cock "in use"... I think we all know you're too cowardly to even TRY and take such a huge cock in your virgin sissy rosebud, no matter how much lube you used! But you really should start practicing your cocksucking skills on your new boyfriend. I know you never show your face in your pics, but maybe you should get one of those sexy, feathered Mardi Gras masks to wear while you suck cock for the camera? Or could just put photoshop a black rectangle over your eyes, come to think of it. Anyway, sissyjoy, you really must start practicing, and figuring out how you're going to post some pics of you orally servicing your new boyfriend.

  4. @Lascivia, Yes, I do feel the need to properly respect Mr. Cock. I do kiss him every night to respect him and humble myself.