Thursday, June 28, 2012

i have a teenie tiny peenie



  1. Goodgirl
    I would like to get all the sissyz to be such a good girl sharing so well

    Miss KC

  2. Of course it's teenie, tiny, sweetie -- that's why it's called a sissy clitty. Now be a good gurl and never refer to that little bump as anything resembling penis. You have a sissy cunt and a little sissy clitty.

    Luv the preety ribbon!


  3. I think you have such a gorgeous little clitty, darling.....very much like my own......which is leaking lots of sweet pre-cum and making my panties all wet, when i think of the sexy fun we could have together......MMMMMMM...........mmmmmmmm!!

  4. OMG! Seen in close-up, that little nub doesn't even look real! I suppose that's what an uncircumcised sissy microclit might look like, but honestly sissy joy, it almost look like you actually snipped off most of a real penis and just tied off the skin on the stub to look like foreskin.

    It can't really be THAT small naturally, can it, sissy joy? Do you swear that you were really born like that? Or did you get a little snip-snip? Be Honest!

    The ribbon is pretty, by the way. You should do a whole set with all sorts of different colored riboons and strips of lace, tightly tying up your teeny weeny stump and that empty marble bag! (And btw, are you sure there are even any little raisins still in there? or have you had them removed too?)

  5. @Lascivia - Yes, I was born that way. Only my peepee never grew with me. It stayed as it was when I was a baby. My little raisins seem to grow smaller and smaller - my sissy squirts dribble out mostly clear these days. Without ever taking harmones, my body seems to be rejecting those useless little marbles.

  6. It's so cute! Kind of looks like mi teeny clitty and I´m proud of its size. In fact I wish it was smaller. xoxo

  7. lovely pink bow on her she-cock..