Monday, April 9, 2012

black-pink skirt set - II


  1. You look sexy in that outfit and actually made me quite hard, which is supprizing being a hetero-male. It seems obvious that you need a hard cock, I can promise you this I would not suck cock but your tight little pussy would be define.

  2. I love your outfit, I really do, lovely and sexy. My cock responded just looking at the first piccy. By the last one, naturally, I was soooo hard. And I would just love the privilege of sliding it all the way into your delicious, inviting pussy

  3. So sissyjoy, how does it feel to get replies like the two above? Straight guys lusting after your girly body, fantasizing about penetrating your tight little virgin pussy, threatening to prove once and for all the difference between Real Men and a pinky-pricked sissyboi like you...

    It must scare you a little bit, since you've already said that you're afraid to get fucked. But yet you still feel the irrepressible need to dress up like a sissyslut and post pictures of yourself stripping your girly body bare and then bending over like you're offering your rosebud to anybody man enough to want it. You must know the sort of reaction you're provoking among Tops of all orientations and genders. Even as you're posing -- leaning against the wall and sticking out your cute little bare butt, or getting down on your hands and knees like you’re ready to be taken doggie-style and pointing your pussy directly toward the camera -- you must know at the time that as soon as those pix hit the Web that you're going to have hundreds of guys standing at attention, eager to mount your ass and turn you into their bitch, and any Dommes that see you are going to be greasing up their dildoes to break you in with a strap-on.

    Of course we all know you keep posing and posting because of your undeniable desire to show off all of your cute sissy outfits -- and the naturally feminine body that looks so sexy in them (thanks to your micromini manhood). And you've also claimed that whenever you bend over for a picture you really just trying to display those teeny weeny beanies you have, rather than "presenting" your rosebud to the world like a pussycat in heat. But regardless of your intent, given the evidence in your comment section you must be very aware that your pictures inevitably make your virgin rosebud the object of innumerable "deflowering fantasies" in the minds of men and the right sort of women.

    This definitely isn't to say you shouldn't keep dressing up for us and posting pictures of yourself in shamelessly fuckable poses, of course! (Not that could stop if you tried you shameless sissyslut!) I'm just curious about how much you think about all the desires and fantasies that you know your pictures must provoke, and how you feel when you think about how so many people want to fuck your girly ass. Is that scary? Does it excite you? Do you try not to think about it? Or is it some combination like, it's scary that it excites you?

    I think a lot of your fans (not least the two above) would be very interested in your confessional thoughts on this.

    Mme Lascivia

    1. I try to ignore it. As I have said before and as you have described so vividly, i crave humiliation. I post pics of my dinky dick, hairless raisins, sissy ass and girlie body to show off to everyone what a shameless sissy slut i am. I have no interest in men. and, i have no desire to stick anything up my ass (though I would love to suck on a woman's strap-on). i do think about real men's cock - but, only in the context of serving a woman and forced to suck on one for its humiliation.

      So, when i see comments from men about bending me down, i ignore them (a small part of me though does get proud knowing that even though i am a shameless sissy, maybe i am feminine enough to be attractive).

      Anyway, from what i can tell, its other sissies that mostly visit this blog. Very few men and even fewer women visit it.

    2. Good girl for being so honest, sissy joy. Especially when you admitted that you do dream about about being forced by a Mistress to suck a real cock for her amusement.

      You're obviously not gay or truly transgender, but you know that many who see all your slutty pix would assume you are. So it must be very humiliating to confess that you still fantasize about being so totally feminized that a Mistress would make you get down on your knees and suck a Man's cock like a real girl.

      I remember that were forced to suck Real Cock in that cute little sissy bride fantasy you posted a while back. Such an obedient little sissy slut doing anything your Mistress commanded.

      Why don't you write more stories and fanatsies with your pictures like you used to, sissy joy?

  4. wouldd love to run into you :)