Wednesday, February 15, 2012

pink thongs


  1. You are a hot submissive sissy bitch. I will make you serve me naked except for heels!

  2. ohh I'm so jealous of your cute body!! You're so cute.. I love your smooth skin... and your mini clit and hanging balls nicely shaved too
    xxx Rosemary

  3. that panties look so adorable. and also your thingy. :D

  4. Once again, little sissy joy, you've proved that it's not about the clothes or the heels or the lacy thongs for -- it's all about that teeny weeny of yours and the pathetically effeminate body that seems to so naturally come with it - THAT's what you so love to show off for us. In this shameless little display, form instance, you can barely keep your panties up for three shots before you have them down to your knees like a slut! Despite the title of this post you were barely wearing them, so eager you were to show off just how femme you look wearing nothing at all.

    What's interesting is that you didn't start by flipping that sad little peanut at us like you usually do -- this time you just couldn't wait to bend over and show off your shaved little pussy. You're such a tease to flaunt that smooth (and obviously virgin) rosebud as much as you do. You must drive the guys on this site crazy.

    Such a shameless slutty little sissy! tsk tsk tsk... I think you need a spanking.

  5. @Anonymous - Yes, I am a shameless slut. It is about me being male, but having such a girlie body. It is about me having a penis, but it being such a feminine little nub. It is about my teeny little wee wee.

    As for bending over, it is more about my shameful little raisin balls than about the rosebud.

    1. HA! Oh sissy, no no no! You are NOT male! A male is a Man, a male has a cock. Just because you have an overgrown clit and a tiny pouch of shriveled raisins where your pussy should be doesn't make you male. You should just admit that your really more of an incomplete girl than simply a defective male.

      How dare you call yourself "male" you little sissy! Obviously you're not a real girl (as much as you'd like to be), but you can't claim to be "male" just because you're not truly female. At best you're a femmeboi -- which is the most masculine term you can ever be allowed to call yourself.

      You really do deserve a spanking, sissy slut! You need to strip naked except for your sluttiest heels and give yourself a good hard spanking until BOTH cheeks are bright red. Then post a few shots of yourself leaning against the wall and down on all fours, arching your back and sticking out your tender, punished butt to show it off so we can all see how much it hurt.

      And you have to be naked, showing off that smooth, sexy femmeboi body of yours to prove how feminine you are even without the help of panties and dresses -- just your slutty high heels to remind you what a shameless slut you are.

      Do you understand your punishment, sissy joy?