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sissy gets to hump

"Come here, sissy. Hop on the bed.", Mistress said.

I hopped on all excited to get between her legs.

"OMG! What are you doing pansy? You thought I am gonna let you put your clitty inside me? Ha ha! Men get to put their big hard cock in me. You get to hump. Understand?"

"Yes, Mistress. I don't get to fuck. I get to hump".

"Good gurl. Men get to fuck. Sissies get to hump. Say it"

"Men get to fuck. Sissies get to hump."


"Men get to fuck. Sissies get to hump."

"Now why do men get to fuck sweetie?"

"Because they have big, hard cocks Mistress"

"That's right. And, you get to hump because..."

"because, I have a teenie weenie"

"Now beg to hump"

"Please Mistress, please let me hump your legs with my sissy clitty"

"Nice try sissy. You don't get to hump my legs. You get to hump a pillow. Here take this pillow and thank me"

"Thank you…

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