happy thanksgiving


  1. that reminds me,,,I need to stuff the turkey.

  2. OMG! the LAST thing that little cranberry makes me think of is it "stuffing" anything -- it couldn't fill a parakeet!

    Or do you think they were talking about stuffing YOU, sissyjoy? I doubt you could handle that like a good girl. I recall from that sissy survey you said you're such a pussyboi that you're afraid to put your boipussi to use. But you do seem to love showing off that tiny virgin rosebud to the world.

    Hmm, are you teasing yourself? or everybody else?

  3. So sissyjoy, what are you planning to give us for Christmas? Are you going to tie some mistletoe leaves on those little berries with a red ribbon? Or maybe bend over and dangle a sprig of holly from your rosebud?

  4. @Lascivia - Yes Mistress. I am not interested in getting my boipussi used. I am too much of a pansy for that. I do like showing off my ass for the humiliation and shame. As you know, this sissy bitch just loves and craves the humiliation.

    For Christmas, I tried to be a good girl and just pranced around with my LBD on. I didn't even take off my panties!

  5. beautifully shaven


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