Wednesday, November 2, 2011

happy halloween


  1. I wish I could have been there to spread your legs apart, put you up against the wall, and take your little dicklet in my hand. I like the third picture, because I would push your feet apart and take charge of everything I would find under your dress.

    We would get to the eight picture, but it would take a while.

    Very sexy!

  2. Oh sissyjoy, did you have the courage this year to actually go out in that cute little dress? Maybe to a costume party? or just walking around someplace where other people are in constume?

    Ha! I didn't think so, you cowardly little sissy. Of course your excuse is that you're afraid somebody you know might recoginize you, but I'll bet you're even more scared that you'll meet somebody who doesn't know you as a pathetically inadequate boy, but instead instantly recognizes you as the sissy-slut you really are...

    Somebody like Mr. Kink who left the comment above -- somebody who's all to eager to treat you like the soft, sexy sissy you were born to be. Is that what you're most scared of sissyjoy? Are you really afraid to go out in your cute sissy princess outfit, even on Halloween, because you're scared somebody as dominant and you are submissive will "take charge" of the pathetic little peanut under your skirt?

    Or... are you really more afraid of what you might do if you let yourself get too carried away? Worried you might get so excited that you might even turn a few tricks asa special little treat for yourself?

    Tell us, sissy joy. What is it that keeps you from going out and showing off?

  3. You're sexy as hell sweety!

  4. @Lascivia - To be honest, despite the obvious I still haven't completely accepted that i am a sissy forever. I still hope that one day, I will get over being a sissy and try being a man. Scratch that. I know i can;t be a man. At least, I can try to be a male. With me being a closet sissy, I believe i have the option to quit - if not now, sometime down the line. Putting on makeup and stepping out in public would make it harder to go back.

  5. You haven't accepted it yet because you haven't been put into full submission by a true dominate man.This BBC would have you show up to your family reunion in tha most sluttiest outfit that would make hookers blush if they were asked to wear it.

    You just need someone to dominate your mind and body.After you receive that type of treatment YOU WILL be a sissy cock sucking nut guzzling whore FOR LIFE.