Thursday, September 8, 2011



  1. I know! That is why I love men and not icky women !

  2. No matter how those words are spoken, the feelings they elicit from a submissive sissy male never cease to amaze me.

  3. Poor sissy? I'm not so sure. As ridiculously dinky as that little dink of yours is, sissyjoy, I don't believe for a minute that you'd have it any other way.

    Even if you had a really big one (to try and compensate for what a skinny twink you are), still nobody could ever mistake you for anything like Man. Girls woud still laugh at you as a pantywaiste, sissyjoy, they would just also say "tsk tsk, what a pathetic waste."

    You do know you could never live up to having a real cock, don't you little sissy? Even if you had a prick worthy of the privilege, could you really imagine a girl actually letting you get it anywhere near her pussy?!? HA! You'd never have a clue what to do with it anyway.

    You're much better off with that eentsy-weentsy beenie-weenie you can just hide in some panties and do your best to ignore. You certainly don't regret having a peanut instead of a penis, do you sissyjoy?

    Poor sissy, indeed!

  4. the moment of realization for a sissy