1. Very hot!!! You have fantastic legs and your ass just looks so yummy in the second picture. mmm Keep up the great postings. Hugs and Kisses.

  2. I haven't had a lot of desire for cross dressing, but I love your pictures. Lovely ass, nice little cock, smooth legs. It must be wonderful to go dancing with you.

  3. Welcome back you little sissy! Long time no see your wee pee. And of course you just couldn't resist flicking that teeny thing in our faces again at the end, could you? It was such a cute summer bikini too -- it really made you look like a girl, sissy joy, and you should be proud of that. You could probably wear that out to a beach and pass as a flat-chested girl (a thought that I'm sure both terrifies and thrills you).

    Looking at those first few pics, it was really easy to forget that you were ever born with anything between your legs, sissy joy, you look so soft and smooth and feminine... But then you just can't resist pulling down your panties like a shameless sissy slut and displaying that ridiculous little peanut of yours to remind everybody that you're not really a girl at all, but just a pathetically emasculated sissyboi who loves to prance around in heels and ladies lingerie and show off his laughable nub to the world. Oh sissy joy, you can only be you, right?

    Anyway, glad to see you back. I hope this means your awkward domestic situation is sorted out, and we'll be see more of you from now on.


  4. Sissy, I have to tell you, I would love to fuck you like the woman you are... sexy photos

  5. welkome sissy, very nice pics,
    loved this high heels, and lingerie is wooo...
    beautiful summer, tan lines.
    sweetie, relax, mOOre fem mOOre pleasure,
    walk to fab dream, fem, fab, fem, fabulous fem
    honey , you have the power,fem power

  6. super sexy pics :) love the panties and top and oh my the heels are perfect, love the last few pics as well (blush)
    sissy emily

  7. That is a lovely bikini for you! :)

  8. Thanks Lascivia for making me feel proud about looking like a pretty girlie.

    You are right, I am a shameless sissy slut and a pathetic emasculated sissyboi. I love to prance around in heels and lingerie and show off my tiny little peanut to the whole world.

  9. mit Dir möcht einer gern Trallalla machen...

  10. You need a little variety...perhaps a tanga to stretch tightly across those girlly cheeks, with a small pouch to tuck your clitty into.


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