blue skirt set


  1. Very pretty, and so nice and smooth! I especially like the one of you on your knees!

  2. On your knees indeed, sissy! You're always down on the ground, kneeling, crawling on your hands and knees. Such a submissive little sissy.

    Another thing I've noticed is that not only do you insist on flicking that pitiful little nub at us all the time, but you also seem to delight in "presenting" yourself, like a pussycat in heat, and showing us your smooth little pussy, all pink and puckered like you're ready to get pegged.

    Is that what you're really after, sissy joy? hmmm? Are you looking to get pegged? Is that why you never fail to turn around and stick out your smooth, girlish ass to show us your sissypussy?

    Oh sissy joy, just admit it -- it's not just about dressing girly, or showing how clearly inadequate your little peanut is. You don't just want to be smooth and soft, and draped in lacy silk. You're also eager for a good pegging, aren't you, sissy joy?

  3. Je te trouve très "excitante"

  4. Excellent, so smooth and attractive. i'dressed for years but never sucked another sissy. i think you could be my first. Very yummy.

  5. Great photos, especially your shaved little nubbin. It looks great in and out of panties.

  6. BRASIL.....voçê é muinto muinto gostosa de mais....

  7. Wow! Very hot post. Love your blog. Thanks for finding us and following our blog.


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