Wednesday, March 9, 2011

panties come down

This sissy slut cannot keep her panties on for too long.



  1. what a hot sissy look! love the thong. Shame you're not in my neck of the woods. ;)

  2. Oh sissy joy, you're such a little slut! You really can't keep that peanut under wraps, can you? You just can't wait to get those panties down around your ankles and flap your teeny weenie beanie around for the camera!

    Your wee winky is so minscule that it disappears when you wear panties, so you really do look like a rather cute, if flat-chested girl. But that's not enough for you, is it, sissy joy?

    You have to whip out that pitiful peanut to remind yourself (and all of us) that you're not really a cute, slender girl, but a pathetic, teeny-peeny girly boy.

    Admit it, sissy joy, you're addicted to posing and posting yourself here not just from how you get off on looking like a girl (in your sissytrannie way) but also for the rush of then exposing yourself as a just a thumb-pricked sissyboi who can even keep her panties on.

    I suppose that's just as well. It is always amusing to see that pathetic little package, after all.

  3. OMG Lascivia, you see right through me! Yes, I can't keep my peanut under wraps. I love flapping my teeny weenie beanie around for the camera. I miss that more than wearing my sissy wear these days.

    Yes, I admit, I am addicted to posing and posting not just to show off my pretty panties and gurlie body, but also for the excitement of the humiliation of exposing my sissy beanie to everyone.

    I am just a thumb-pricked sissyboi and you see right through me.

  4. Ha! Such an exhibitionist slut! In a perverted way, you're actually *proud* of that teeny weenie of yours, aren't you sissy? You're almost *glad* to have such a freakishly tiny prick, aren't you, because you get such a dirty sissy thrill out of showing it off!

    I was actually surpried by your previous "Paradise" post because you somehow managed to keep yourself from pulling out your little peanut. But I should have known that you had actually immediately whipped out your micromeat to play with it, but you just held back the pics.

    When this post came right after, I knew you just couldn't wait to get these pitiful prick-pics out for all the world to see. You're like the carnival barker for your own little freak show!

    And you just LUUUUV it, don't you sissy?

    I guess it must be because you grew up knowing that you were not and never could be a Man -- not even a credible imitation of a male -- and your only option was to admit that you're a sissy and go all girly. Your tiny nub and wee nibblets make it so easy for you to disguise yourself as a passable female and completely deny any pretense of ever having been a boy at all.

    The fact that your bean is so ignorable must make you, as a hopeless sissy, very happy. In a sad way, I'm sure you love your little twig very much. Don't you sweetie? It must be so reassuring to have such vivid evidence that you were never really meant to be a Man after all.

    So I think We can all understand why you'd get so much sad sissy satisfaction out of flipping it around for all of Us to see. It's like a teeny, tiny flag of surrender for you isn't it, sissy joy? you shamelessly display your pathetic nub to show the whole world that, girlie parts or not, you might as well be a girl anyway.

  5. sissy joy,
    I think you are the sexiest girl i've ever seen. Please keep posting pics in panties and showing your sweet little clit.

  6. so hot sweetie. yes taking pics in our pretty panties and showing our little stick clitties is damn hot. your such a hot little sissy

  7. yummy, these pics made my panties wet (blush)

  8. Love your beautiful body. Very sexy. nice little cock. Keep posting pics !

  9. You are such a sweet Sissy Femme! I would to play with you, one Sissy with another, I would tongue your little boi pussy and milk your sissy clitty until you came in the palm of my hand. I would then lick the milk up in my mouth and exchange it with you in deep French kisses.

  10. panties around your ankles, legs up over your shoulder, my cock in your sweet pussy mmmmmmmmmmmmm