Sunday, February 27, 2011


Due to some unexpected family situation earlier this year, my apartment is now home to two more family members. And the situation will continue for at least a year. This means, my privacy is curtailed and I cannot dress up and prance around as a sissy. This is very disappointing considering the progress I made as a sissy late last year. When I realized the situation, I did manage to take a few pics of me prancing around in and out of panties/sissy wear before having to discard them. I will post them over the course of the year.

Just because I can't wear panties or shave my legs doesn't mean I am not a sissy anymore. I am a sissy. My little peanut would keep reminding me of that.


  1. I'm sorry to here you will have to curtail your sissy activities. I can simpathise with you as I am having to share at the moment too but I don't know for how long. Oh to be girly again.


  2. Aww sissy joy, that's terrible. But it's good that you're helping your family. In fact, you can subtly continue your sissy training by attending to their needs like a maid (tho you'd just call yourself a "gracious host"). A sissy maid is a sissy maid, whether she gets to wear a cute skirt or not.

    And in the bathroom you can still do anything you like, silly little sissy, like shaving and lotioning. You won't be able to photograph it for us, but that's not as important as you doing it faithfully, as a good sissy should.

    Don't use this unfortunate imposition as an excuse to totally lapse, and start pretending to be a boy -- especially not to yourself. I know you said your teeny beany would remind you, but sissy, that knowledge has consequences.

    Yes, you may have to set aside most of your sissy-slut antics (and I know how crazy slutty you can be, sissy joy!) But that doesn't give you license to grow hair in disgusting places and start wearing boxers.

    Promise yourself (and me, and all of us) first that you'll keep yourself smooth and soft, even if everything else still must seem like a boy. And second, that your new "boy panties" will be tighty whities one size too small (even if you have to go to the junior section!)

    You can't totally lapse, sissy joy. You have to stay grounded in the identity you've discovered and accepted.

    Stay strong (and by that of course, I mean remember what a weak, soft, sissy wimp you are),

    Mme Delicioso

  3. Thanks for the support and advice Lascivia. I was so used to a shaving ritual of Nair/pink girlie razors and girlie lotions that I didn't realize I could still keep myself hairless with Mach3 razors. Not perfect but workable. my baby beany reminds me of my sissiness but only now it does smooth and bald!

  4. I found your blog by running links and I like your pictures. I hope you have someone special who appreciates your form and style.

    I really like this picture of your dicklet because it seems iconic. It is still maleness, but sublimated, restrained, passive, waiting to be nurtured, waiting to be taken.

    Too bad about the unplanned house guests though.

  5. bonjour,
    hum!!!voilĂ  un petit zizi
    tout mignon comme un clito.

  6. Sorry you won't be able to be a true sissy for a while. The photo of your little peanut is out of this world.

  7. Sissys with small peanut-penises are my dream. I myself sport a small one. You could see it on early this month from Loki.

  8. tu es terrible bravo jadore ce zizi tout petit comme le mien,,